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LA3270 POOH SNUGGLE-UPS ($7.50) Afghans for the young ones, each one featuring a different Pooh character: Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, or Piglet. The basic afghan is made with single crochet and the designs are charted to be cross stitched on later. You could also choose to do the afghan in afghan stitch and/or work the design in with color changes as you crochet the afghan itself. All made in worsted weight yarn.

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LA3274 EASY RUGS ($7.00) by Anne Halliday Eight patterns for throw rugs made with 3 strands of worsted weight yarn held together and an N crochet hook. Seven of them are rectangles: five worked lengthwise with fringe on the ends, one worked across the width, and one worked in motifs. The eighth is a circle with blended colors to give a "rag rug" effect.

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LA3275 DOUBLE-DELIGHT AFGHANS ($6.50) by Darla J. Fanton Six designs using a double-ended crochet hook, with a picture tutorial on this special crochet technique. This makes the afghan look different from the front to the back of the piece! Five of the afghans are worked in one piece with color changes from row to row, and the sixth is worked in squares by making small strips and then sewing the ends together and drawing up the center. All are worked in worsted weight yarn.

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LA3276 PRECIOUS MOMENTS DOLLS TO CROCHET book 2 ($7.95) The latest addition in the series, this one features a bride and a groom, plus 2 old-fashioned outfits with long dresses and accessories, all in addition to the pattern for the basic doll. All made in sport weight yarn.

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LA3280 SPEEDY TWEEDS ($7.00) by Anne Halliday Eight great afghans made with 2 strands of yarn held together and a size K hook! Five of them are worked across the length of the afghan with the beginning and ending tails of yarn on each row used for fringe, one is worked in strips, and two are motifs. All are worked with worsted weight yarn.

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LA3281 KEEPSAKE BABY AFGHANS ($7.00) by Kay Meadors Seven very delicate designs for special occasion baby blankets, all worked in one color and in one piece. All are made with sport weight yarn.

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LA3284 COOL SUMMER SWEATERS ($7.50) by Kathryn A. Clark Four patterns for basic shell style sweaters with slight variations in necklines, short sleeves, hem lines, and stitches. Great patterns for crocheters who want to try uncomplicated clothing patterns and perhaps get a little creative with the variations! All are made in sport weight yarn.

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LA3286 HOMESPUN COMFORT AFGHANS ($5.50) Five patterns for afghans using bulky weight yarns that give you fast results! Peace & Harmony features hexagons in various color combinations, Versatile Appeal has 2-color blocks with ideas to put them together as you would do with quilt squares for different looks, Cozy & Comfy has stripes worked the length of the piece, Soothing Squares has popcorn motifs, and Soft Ripples features ripples. All are worked in bulky weight yarns.

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