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LA3252 SEASONS OF LOVE Sweaters for the Family ($16.95) by Melissa Leapman There are 24 CROCHETED sweater patterns in this great book, something for everybody in the family. They include
  • Man's Honeycomb Pullover (chest 42" - 59")
  • Woman's Tunic (bust 40" - 54")
  • Girl's Poncho (size 4-8 and 10-14)
  • Man's Reindeer Sweater (chest 42" - 51")
  • Woman's Fair Isle Jacket (bust 45" - 67")
  • Child's Snowflake Pullover (sizes 2 - 8)
  • Baby's Two Piece Set, long pants & pullover (sizes 6 - 18 months)
  • Man's Textured Crewneck Pullover (chest 43" - 53")
  • Woman's Rose Vest (chest 37" - 52")
  • Girl's Summer Top (26" - 31")
  • Man's Zippered Jacket (chest 45" - 58")
  • Woman's White Cardigan (bust 37" - 51")
  • Child's Patriotic Pullover (sizes 2 - 8)
  • Woman's Summertime T-Shirt (36" - 48")
  • Girl's Sundress (sizes 2 - 6)
  • Baby's Dainty Cardigan (sizes 6 - 18 months)
  • Child's Crewneck Pullover (sizes 8 - 14)
  • Child's Rugby Pullover (sizes 8 - 14)
  • Man's Two-Toned Pullover (chest 44" - 57")
  • Woman's Melange Pullover (bust 39" - 47")
  • Child's Basketweave Cardigan (sizes 8 - 14)
  • Man's Houndstooth Pullover (chest 42" - 54")
  • Woman's Chenille Vest (bust 34" - 48")
  • Baby's Tweed Cardigan (sizes 6 - 18 months)
    Everything from fingering to heavy worsted weight is used, with specific brands given for each model.

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LA3254 A YEAR OF AFGHANS BOOK TWELVE ($8.50) LA's yearly selection of great seasonal afghan patterns, which include: a hexagon motif in 2 colors with popcorns, an Anne Halliday design in 3 colors that looks entirely different on the reverse side, a mile-a-minute in spring colors, floral motifs that would make a good scrap yarn project, an all-over spiderweb/tiny pineapple design in one color, a nice one-piece in 3 colors, an American flag with 13 stars, a striped afghan in glowing summer colors, apple motifs (!) in strips with bands of color around the strips, squares in autumn color cluster stitch set at angles, fisherman look in one color with post/popcorn/cable/shell stitches, and geometric squares in 2 colors that could be done in just about any combination of colors. All are worked in worsted weight yarn.

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LA3258 FLOWER GARDEN AFGHANS ($8.50) by Rena V. Stevens If you liked the afghan on the cover of June 1996 Crochet with Heart, you will love these! All six afghans are crocheted in panels or diamonds, in 2 colors, with the patterns looking like 3-D florals due to the relief stitches used. The details are very hard to see in a picture because they are color-on-color, but they make you want to reach out and run your hand over them! All are made with worsted weight yarn.

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LA3260 (knit) KALEIDOSCOPE KIDS ($10.95) by Melissa Leapman Fourteen sweaters for children in sizes 6 through 12. One is a cardigan and the others are all pullovers, with lots of neckline styles and color/pattern variation. All use worsted weight yarn. Click here to see another view

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LA3261 BEST OF PATRICIA KRISTOFFERSEN ($14.50) by Patricia Kristoffersen A collection of 27 of her best designs, plus a "meet the designer" article. If you are already a Trish K. fan there won't be anything new in this leaflet, but if you have just discovered her "crusty" design style this is a good range of patterns to have. All are made in size 10 bedspread weight cotton thread.

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LA3262 POOH & FRIENDS ($11.95)

sorry, all gone

They're here! Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet stuffed toys, all made with worsted weight yarn.

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LA3266 COLOR-ME-CUTE BABY AFGHANS ($5.50) by Anne Halliday Five tri-color striped or ripple baby blankets. All made with worsted weight yarn.

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LA3267 BEST OF TERRY KIMBROUGH BABY AFGHANS ($14.50) by Terry Kimbrough A collection of 24 of Terry's best baby blankets. Most are one-color, one-piece with the emphasis on stitches and lovely edgings, but there are some motifs and panel in there too, including my personal favorite, a mile-a-minute with chains of daisies in the middle of strip that I liked so well I made 5 of them! All made with sport weight yarn.

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LA3269 CUDDLE-ME LAYETTES ($6.00) by Sandra Abbate Three very fashionable sets (jacket, bonnet, booties, and blanket) for babies size 6 months. Butterflies features a button-front cardigan and pull-on cap, with appliqued butterflies. Flowers has a lap-front jacket and beret, with appliqued roses. Bows has a traditional jacket and bonnet with big appliqued bowties. All are made in sport weight yarn.

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