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LA3291 PINEAPPLE ELEGANCE ($9.95) by Patricia Kristoffersen. Another set of 5 lovely doilies by the Queen of the "crusty" doilies, those with lots of dimensional work. This one features all pineapple doilies: Graceful Symmetry (18-1/2"), Pure Rhythm (23"), Distinct Harmony (17-1/2"), Classical Style (20"), and Refined Beauty (21-1/2"). All are made with bedspread weight (size 10) crochet cotton.

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LA3292 SNOW CRYSTALS ($6.50) by Patricia Kristoffersen. Patterns for 14 snowflakes with the added attraction of beads! All of them are shown with what looks like transparent pale blue beads probably so they can be seen better, but they would look nice with crystal beads or any color of your choice. All are made with bedspread weight (size 10) crochet cotton and 4 mm beads. You could use easily found 4 mm plastic craft beads or glass "E" beads.

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LA3293 MICKEY AND MINNIE DOLLS ($6.50) Another addition to the Disney line, a set of Mickey and Minnie Mouse stuffed dolls! The basic doll is crocheted in worsted weight and stands about 18" tall. The clothes for the dolls, Minnie's dress and Mickey's pants, are crochet with sport weight yarn.

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LA3294 PATCHWORK PATTERNS ($6.00) by Judy Sajewski. Six patterns for afghans that look like old-time patchwork quilts, made with different motifs. Friendship Stars uses the traditional granny and half-granny, Log Cabin uses very large granny squares half in colors and half in black, Attic Windows uses a pretty (sc, hdc) stitch for the "window" and solid dc for the walls, Trip Around the World has puff stitch squares in different solid colors, Barn Raising is all sc in strips to make the pattern block, and Courthouse Steps has rounds of sc changing colors within the block to create the traditional pattern. All are made in worsted weight yarn.

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LA3295 RIPPLE WRAPS FOR BABY ($6.50) by Jeninne Korejko. Six sweet little baby afghans in variations of the popular ripple pattern, all using short/tall/short stitch combinations to create a textured surface. The pattens are Comfy Cuddle, Sweet Snooze, Dreamy Sleep, Baby Winks, Fancy Nap, and Warm Hug. Each pattern uses at least 2 colors, and all use sport weight yarns.

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