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THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO THREAD CROCHET ($9.95) "Everything you need to know about crocheting with thread." Well, probably not everything! The first 6 pages are basic crochet instructions, and then there are 25 patterns most of which come from previous LA publications: bookmarks (a pineapple one is also shown in symbol crochet!), edgings, ponytail bands, snowflakes, baby set, basket, hat pincushion, sachet, fans coaster, Bible cover, pineapple pillow, square doily, round doily, tablecloth (motifs), filet dresser scarf, v-neck pullover, and vest. All made in size 10 (bedspread weight) cotton.

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CROCHETED SWEATERS FOR THE FAMILY ($10.95) 13 designs for everyone, even the family dog! Most, if not all, of these patterns have been seen in previous LA publications. The patterns are: Baby Sacque (0-3 & 3-6 mos.), Color Blocks Pullovers (child's 2, 4, & 6), Windowpane Cardigan (6, 12, & 18 mos.), Colorful Cardigan (tot's 1, 2, & 3), Sweetheart Cardigan (child's 2, 4, 6, & 8), Pocket Pullover (child's 4, 6, 8, and 10), Granny Square Pullover (child's 6, 8, 10, & 12), Textured Pullover (adult 32-46), Raglan Cardigan (chest 39", 43", & 47"), Ribbed Cardigan (chest 38", 43-1/2", & 46"), Argyle Pullover (chest 36", 40", & 44"), V-Neck Cardigan (chest 42", 46", & 49"), Dog's Sweater (length 11", 16-1/2", 22", & 25"). Made with baby fingering up to worsted weight yarns.

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99 LITTLE DOILIES ($16.95) by Patricia Kristoffersen. Another wonderful set of designs from Trish, more of her textured doilies in sizes from 4-1/2" to 9-1/2", round and oval. 44 of the designs are brand new and 55 have been previously published in LA2874 and LA2966. All of these are definitely "doilies" and not motifs with an edging! These are a great way to try your hand (hook?) at Trish's elaborate patterns, and you could even use a heavier weight yarn and end up with a great heavy hot pad or plant doily. All are shown in size 10, bedspread weight, cotton.

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WHITE CHRISTMAS IN THREAD CROCHET ($7.95) by Kathryn A. Clark. 45 different designs in this book - 33 are snowflakes, 2 are 3-D snowflake treetoppers (for a table and floor-size tree), 4 are icicles, 1 snowflake chain (a "drop" of snowflakes with a crystal at the bottom), 2 beaded garland, 1 snowflake garland, 1 tree skirt for a table-size tree, and 1 filet tree skirt for a full-size tree. All are made with size 10, bedspread weight, thread.

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BOOTIES BY THE DOZEN ($6.50) by Kay Meadors. A delightful assortment of booties for both boy and girl babies: All Stars (high-tops), Plain Janes (Mary Janes), Let It Snow (snowflake top), Stars and Stripes (sandals), Happy Holidays (Christmas trees), Bunny Hoppers (bunnies around), Rosebud Booties, Little Lady Slippers, Be Mine (heart on top), Little Loafers (button on top), Sandals (boy & girl version), and All Dressed Up (pretty openwork top). All are made with bedspread weight (size 10) cotton.

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DECORATIVE PILLOWS ($6.00) by Anne Halliday. Eleven wonderful ways to practice stitches and play with unusual yarns without breaking the budget! Pillow sizes range from 14" to 18" and each pattern has instructions for a gauge swatch (great!). Patterns include: Cozy Checks, Diamond Bobbles, Charming Clusters, Cable Comfort, Traditional Mosaic, Bobbled Beauty, Classic Herringbone, and Simply Charming - all in worsted weight yarn. Plus Variegated Tweed and Handsome Herringbone, both in bulky weight yarn. All of these patterns would be very suitable for afghans, after you decided you like the stitch pattern and would be willing to put in the time for a whole afghan it the stitch, and many of these would be very suitable for multiple-strand afghans.

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LA3249 ROSE COTTAGE AFGHANS ($6.50) by various designers. I think perhaps the "Rose Cottage" title refers more to the "cottage" look of the afghans because there are no rose patterns in here. The 7 patterns include: Gentle Place, a geometric motif in 3 colors; Serene Moments, all-over design with post stitch in 1 color; Quiet Refuge, fisherman-look in 1 color with post, popcorn, and twist stitches; Tranquil Retreat, large motifs (8-1/4") with a "circle in a square"; Simple Times, wonder textured in 1 color, shown on cover; Restful Space, starflower circle-in-a-square motif in 2 colors; and Peaceful Interval, an all-over design in 1 color with a deep edging design. All are made in worsted weight yarn.

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