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DADDY TIME BABY BLANKETS ($5.50) Seven baby afghan patterns by several designers. Down Time has "attic window" granny squares, Daddy's Baby is one piece with crochet strips of several colors woven through it, Hugs & Kisses has "circle in a square" motifs with post stitches, Sweet Dreams is a ripple with puffy stitches, Quiet Moment is done in one piece with shells, Rock-a-Bye Baby is strips of squares, and Cuddletime has a "circle in a square motif with interesting long stitches. All a made with worsted weight yarn.

'TIS THE SEASON FOR THREAD CROCHET ($8.50) 38 Christmas patterns; if you are a long-time user of Leisure Arts leaflets there isn't much new in here. But for a good, well-rounded selection of patterns this is a winner. Here's a list of the patterns included: Mantel Skirt Edging, Angels, Stockings (edgings), several Edgings, Poinsettia Table Scarf, Pineapple Table Topper, Coaster Lace Doily, Napkin Ring, Photo Frames, Votive Sleeve, Jar Lid Cover, Bells (3), several Angel Ornaments, Star Tree Topper, Frilly Mini-Wreath, Sachets (4), and Snowflakes (4). All made using size 10 bedspread weight cotton.

RIPPLE AFGHANS, Classic Collection Book 3 ($5.50)
by Tammy Kreimeyer.
Nice selection of 7 ripple afghan patterns: Tranquil Ripple uses clusters and post stitch, Dynamic Ripple has a "granny stitch" look, Gracious Ripple is very feminine with bobbles, clusters, and open mesh. Vintage Ripple uses shells, Old World Ripple uses post stitches, Poetic Ripple uses clusters and picots for more of a "shell" look, and Enchanting Ripple uses post stitches for a tailored look. All made in worsted weight yarn.

by Anne Halliday.
10 afghan patterns, including: Dramatic Effect (one-piece pineapple), Focal Point (shells), Traditional Treasure (squares), Nostalgic Appeal (grannies), Sophisticated Accent (ripple/wave), Collage of Color (twists instead of fringe!), Eye Appeal (squares), Vintage Collectible (flowery hexagons), Functional Style (circle-in-a-square), and Stylish Stripes (lots of scs in this one!). All worked in worsted weight yarn.

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by Patricia Kristoffersen.
Seven new patterns from this prolific designer! Sizes range from 12-1/2" to 24", and all are round. Most use post stitches and clusters, to create a textured effect. All are worked in bedspread weight cotton (size 10).

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by Tammy Kreimeyer.
Four layettes for the newborn (0-3 months), all with sacque, bonnet or cap, booties, and blanket. All feature different patterns, some in one color and some in two colors. All made with sport weight yarn.

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by Anne Halliday
Twelve new patterns with her special touch! Six are made in one piece and six are made of squares, and all use several colors, with lots of long stitches for pattern interest. All made in worsted weight yarn.

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A YEAR OF DOILIES BOOK THREE ($7.95) For those of you have become fans of particular doily designers, there are 6 doilies by Ocie Jordan, 3 by Patricia Kristoffersen, 2 by Margaret Rost, and 1 by Dot Drake. Most are one piece, but there are a few made of motifs, and one has a fabric center. All made in size 10 bedspread weight cotton.



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