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by Patricia Kristoffersen.
Six lovely afghans with the traditional crocheted pineapple pattern as their theme: Elegant is pineapple squares in one color, Perfection is 6 giant hexagons, Impeccable is linked pineapples in strips, Charming is a strip afghan with pineapples down the sides of each strip, Splendid is hexagons with the pineapples fanning out from the center of each hex, and Enchanting is squares with 4 pineapples linked in the center of each square. All done in worsted weight yarn.

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by Terry Kimbrough.
Patterns include Flower Garden Afghan (hexagons with a flower center), Quick and Easy Afghan (motifs made with double strand and N hook), Irish Roses Afghan (squares with lacy borders), Sign of Spring Afghan ( squares with what looks like lilacs/wisteria? in the center), Field of Flowers Afghan (one piece with spiderweb "flowers"), Wildflowers Afghan (six-sided flowers, great way to use up scraps!), Flower Hexagon Afghan (puffy flowers in squares), and Rambling Roses Afghan (one piece background with appliques rose sprays). All made with worsted weight yarn.

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by Mary Ann Sipes.
Six afghan patterns are featured: Kaleidoscope is squares that would make a great scrap afghan, Cabbage Roses has a large rose in the center of each square, Wildflowers has popcorn flower squares, Southwest Beauty is done in one piece with interesting stitches giving it a textured look, Diagonal Cluster in worked in one piece on the diagonal, and Cluster Granny has cluster stitch for texture. All worked in worsted weight yarn.

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PRECIOUS MOMENTS DOLLS TO CROCHET ($6.95) Yes, these are like the figurines, etc., with the teardrop eyes and shy expression! A basic 16" doll body is crocheted, and the clothing sets are: pink dress set, sweater and pants set, angel set, and blue dress set. All made in sport weight yarn.

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A YEAR OF AFGHANS BOOK ELEVEN ($7.50) January - sc with cluster and v-st create a nice bargello effect.
February - nice solid-color done in strips, with popcorns and post stitches.
March - very familiar "kittens in a row" pattern with 2 strands.
April - solid-color using post stitch and split post, done in one piece.
May - floral-look squares that use a join-as-you-go method.
June - one piece, solid-color with bands of open and closed work.
July - the Grand Old Flag, with interesting post stitching for texture and sewn-on stars.
August - very interesting pattern, first the solid-color background is worked to look like panels, then stripes are added and butterflies and flowers appliqued last!
September - variation on the traditional mile-a-minute, using the join-as-you-go method.
October - nice autumn-floral squares, with lacy centers.
November - one piece, solid-color using shell and post stitches.
December - very pretty squares with popcorn-flower center in 3 colors All patterns use worsted weight yarn.

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by Patricia Kristoffersen.
Trish has done it again! This book has edgings from 7/8" to 2-3/4" wide, many with her familiar 3 dimensional "crusty" look.
All made in bedspread weight cotton.

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by Mary Lamb Becker
Six baby blankets made with motifs and three made in one piece. The motif on the cover has an unusual petal design. All made in worsted weight yarn.


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