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SOCK MONKEYS (4.50) by Valesha Marshell Kirksey. These are just too cute! Benny and Blossom are worked using 2 strands of sport weight yarn to get the tweed effect (one strand of ecru and one strand of tan); I suppose you could use worsted weight yarn if you could find a good ecru/tan tweed color. Also included are patterns for Benny's vest and hat and Blossom's pinafore, hat, and Mary Jane shoes.

BEAUTIFUL BABY LAYETTES ($5.50). Cozy Coverall Layette, has coveralls, cap, booties, and afghan. Diamond Cascade Layette has sacque, bonnet, and afghan. Fancy French Knots Layette has sacque, bonnet, booties, and afghan. Soft Layette Set has sacque, bonnet, booties, and afghan. Made in sport and baby weight yarns.

Q-HOOK AFGHANS BY THE MONTH ($6.00) All of these afghans are worked with 2 or 3 strands of yarn. 7 of them are one piece, 2 of them are worked in strips, and 3 of them are worked in motifs. All use worsted weight yarn.

ELEGANT SHELLS Classic Collection Book 1 ($6.00)by Terry Kimbrough

Sorry, discontinued and no stock left.

Eight beautiful solid color afghans in this collection, all very lacy and with deep borders. Garden Beauty has shells and posts, with the same pattern radiating out on the edging; Peachy is a closer shell with almost a wicker look and an open chain/shell edging. Lavender & Lace has a close "nested" shell and a ripple shell border; Tea Time has shell granny squares and an open shell and chain border. Rhapsody has rows of large shells and a smaller shell border; Tradition is worked in one piece but has the look of motifs with a shell in the center of each and vintage looking "hanky" edging. Boudoir alternates plain shells and puff stitch sprays with the border repeating the puff stitch pattern, and Charming starts off with a smallish center of shells and lacet rows and has a very wide border, actually more like 2 borders - the inner one of shells and the outer one more lacy with cluster stitches. All are made with worsted weight yarn.

A YEAR OF BABY AFGHANS BOOK 2 ($7.00) 12 baby blankets: January - pastel stripes with an interesting long double crochet February - alternating filet heart and close-work blocks March - lacy puff stitches and wide border April - multicolor blocks set on the diagonal May - squares and rectangles with contrasting puff stitch June - two color ripple with worked-in 3-D flowers! July - post stitch interest in 2 colors, very "manly" August - hexagon shapes form a hexagon shaped blanket September - granny ripple with ruffles worked into the design October - solid color aran-style using post stitch and puff stitch November - another solid color "heirloom" blanket from Terry K. December - squares with a train engine worked in by changing colors All made with sport weight yarn.

CONTEST FAVORITES MILE-A-MINUTE AFGHANS ($9.95) This is a treasure trove of patterns for mile-a-minute lovers - 30 patterns from Crochet with Heart's afghan contest. 10 patterns are featured with entire afghan instructions, and the others are shown with patterns for the strip. I particularly liked the one that looks like motifs worked separately and then joined together, but each strip is really worked like you would expect of a mile-a-minute, round and round! All made using worsted weight yarn.

by Carole Prior
4 sets for size 6 months babies; each set features a sacque, bonnet, and booties in sport weight yarn and a matching blanket in worsted weight yarn (using 2 strands worked together).

by Terry Kimbrough.
Another set of 8 lacy afghans with nice edgings, not "bundle up" afghans but very showy. All are done in one color; 5 use motifs and 5 are crocheted in one piece. All use worsted weight yarn.



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