Leisure Arts Leaflets

Jennie Gaskin
Pitkin, La.

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Leisure Arts leaflets LA2904 through LA3088

LA2904 CURLY CUTIES ($4.50) by Anne Halliday; Baby Afghans using special curlique stitch: Floral Curls, Spiral Curls, Cascading Curls, Curly Stripes, Slumber Curls, and Curls upon Curls, all in sport wt. yarn

LA2905 RIPPLES BY DESIGNS ($5.50) by Anne Halliday; Diamond Cluster Ripple, Striped Ripple, Diamond Ripple, Lacy Shell Ripple, Cluster Ripple, and Striped Shell Ripple, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2906 GRANNY'S GIRLS' SWEATERS ($6.00) by Katherine Satterfield Robert; Sunflowers, Bandannas, Pompoms, Snowflakes, School Days, and Hearts, all with motifs on front, in child's sizes 2, 4, and 6, all in sport wt. yarn

LA2907 HEADWEAR FOR THE FAMILY ($6.00) by Cindy Harris; Girls' Clown Earmuff, Girls' Cap, Girls' Stocking Cap, Girls' Hood, Boys' Hat, Boys' Football Headband, Boys' Frog Helmet, Boys' Lion Earmuff, Women's Beret, Women's Bow Headband, Women's Rosette Headband, Women's Scarf Hat, Women's Striped Scarf Hat, Men's Headband, Men's Ski Hat, and Men's Striped Headband, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2908 HEIRLOOM CROCHET FOR THE BEDROOM ($8.00) by Patricia Kristoffersen; Antique Doily, Round Pillow, Square Pillow Motif, Coaster, Tissue Box Cover, Bookmark, Hanger Cover, Elegant Sachet, Lacy Sachet, Whimsical Sachet, Lampshade Cover, Photo Frame, Jar Lid Cover, Pillow Sham Edging, Bedspread (4 sizes), Dresser Scarf, Pillowcase & Sheet Edging, Simple Edging for Washcloth, Ornate Edging for Towels, Sweet Edging for Towels, Elegant Edging for Towels, and 2 Handkerchief Edgings, all in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2909 QUICK & EASY BABY LAYETTES ($5.50) by Terry Kimbrough; Boy's Set (jacket, overalls, cap, booties, and afghan) and Girl's Set (jacket, dress, bonnet, booties, and afghan), both sets in worsted wt. yarn

LA2913 SCRAPS + BLACK = AFGHANS ($6.00) by Carole Prior; Ripple, Stained Glass, Ripple Panels, Puff Stitch Stripes, Shells, Bricks of Color, Cluster Stripes, Hexagons, and Granny Rectangles, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2914 JUST JEWELTONES ($6.50) Sparkling Diamonds, Ruby Shells, Bands of Sapphire, Jewelled Blossoms, Ruby Brilliance, Crystal Delight, Turquoise Comfort, Emerald Treasure, Rippling Gems, and Gemstone Waves, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2915 FLOOR SHOW ($5.50) by Anne Halliday; Floral Hexagon, Pineapples, Lacy Clusters, Lacy Star, Starburst, and Swirls rugs in 3 strands of worsted wt. yarn

LA2916 WARM & WONDERFUL ($6.50) by Melissa Leapman; Shipshape Shells, Serape Stripes, Bunkhouse Dreams, Fall Favorite, Winter Warmer, Cozy Checks, Climbing Vines, and Colonial Diamonds, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2917 CUTE & COZY ($6.00) by Tammy Kreimeyer; baby afghans: Peek-a-Boo Granny, Floral Granny, Patchwork Ripple Granny, Garden Granny, Spring Flowers Granny, Cotton Candy Granny, and Lacy Granny, all in sport wt. yarn

LA2918 KID'S CAPS ($5.50) by Valesha Marshell Kirksey; Brrr-Braids, Winter Warmer, Chill Breaker, Frost-Free, Cozy Cuddle, Defroster, and Cool Charmer, all in infant's sizes sm., md., and lg. and child's sizes sm., md., and lg., and all in sport wt. yarn

LA2919 - MILE-A-MINUTE BOOKMARKS ($3.50) by Sue Galucki: #10 patterns for bookmarks that look like miniature mile-a-minute strips, one with a ribbon woven through the middle rounds; all in size 10 crochet cotton

LA2920 - DOUBLE-QUICK FOR BABY ($4.50) by Anne Halliday: #6 patterns for baby blankets worked with 2 strands of sport weight yarn (wouldn't that be about the same as 1 strand of worsted weight yarn?); one is granny squares, the others are one-piece

LA2921 - HEAVENLY BELLS ($6.00) by Tammy Kreimeyer: 10 #tiny little angels (about 4" tall) that are stiffened over bell forms. They all have different wing patterns, even instructions for different styles of hair (braided pigtails, buns, and wrap, plus curls), all in bedspread wt. cotton. Cute as can be; my only complaint is that they used sequins for eyes, which looks kind of spooky, but maybe if they were trimmed to a more oval shape, hmmm....

LA2923 - ELEGANT COASTERS ($6.00) by Patricia #Kristoffersen: 14 patterns for coasters; these are not just individual motifs, these look like little doilies, with lots of detail. She designed the doilies in the book "Absolutely Gorgeous Doilies", and they were large masterpieces - these are tiny masterpieces. All in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2924 - 111 EASY EDGINGS ($11.95) by Terry Kimbrough: #Great collection of edgings; even though it says "easy", that doesn't mean they are all narrow, some are over 2" wide. All in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2932 HEAVENLY AFGHANS ($5.50) by Gail Tanquary. All are solid color in worsted wt. yarn. Angel Border has a very pretty edging on the end that has a fringe-like quality, Cherub Filet has a filet picture in the center, Angel Popcorn Squares - each square looks like an angel with outspread wings!, Angel & Cloud Squares is another where each square looks like an angel because of the stitches used, and Flying Angels has filet-like angels on each end. The use of different stitches to create a picture with only one color is really unique.

LA2933 ANGELS, SNOWFLAKES & GARLANDS ($6.00) by Anne Halliday. Five 2-round or 3-round snowflakes, three garlands worked on purchased pearlstring (new idea!), three flat angels where the head is sc around a 1" ring (really nice!), two clothespin angels, and two flat angels worked in one piece, one with a filet skirt with a heart worked into the center. All made with bedspread wt. cotton.

LA2934 A DOZEN DOILIES ($7.00) by various designers. All are round (except one oval) and solid color, ranging in size from 12" to 23-1/2". It's hard to describe doilies, I've found, but most of these don't look too involved, even the one by Patricia Kristoffersen, who did the leaflet Absolutely Gorgeous Doilies. All in bedspread wt. cotton.

LA2935 EXQUISITE PINEAPPLE DOILIES ($11.95) by Patricia Kristoffersen. Her doilies are all so full of details and raised stitches that the instructions for one of them runs 6 pages long! There are 10 doilies beautifully detailed doilies, from 12-1/2" to a 13-1/2" x 22-3/4" oval.

LA2936 BABY BAZAAR ($8.00) by Terry Kimbrough. Lots of little things for baby, all in thread. Hot air balloon that hangs, angel air freshener cover (never thought of that!), butterfly mobile, Sweet Dreams wall decor (filet), pillow, New Testament cover, toy pacifier, toy caterpillar, toy chain, tissue box cover, ice cream cone rattle, lacy bib, lacy booties, tailored booties, sandals, bonnet, yoke bib, pacifier strap, bottle cover, candy stripe bib, collar, blanket edgings, and washcloth bib edgings.

LA2937 LACY LAYETTES ($6.00) by Carole Prior. Three sweet little sets for the Little Ones in your life; each has a sacque, bonnet, and booties made with sport weight yarn and a matching blanket made with worsted weight yarn.

LA2938 SOMEBUNNY'S SLEEPY ($6.00) by Anne Halliday. Six baby afghans with "bunny" names: Cottontails uses 2 colors of yarn and cluster stitches to make bunny silhouettes with pom pom tails; Bunny Parade is squares with a bunny in the center; and Bunny Buddies, Bunny Delight, Bunny Haven, and Bunny Patch are all granny-type squares with shell stitches. All are worked in sport weight yarn.

LA2939 A YEAR OF AFGHANS BOOK EIGHT ($8.00). January - spiderweb strips; February - cluster st. Xs and Os; March - motifs with pansies; April - lacy crescent strips; May - lacy one piece; June - alternating granny and daisy squares; July - star center square; August - lacy one piece; September - one piece with checkered effect; October - one piece in stripes; November - one piece with raised chevron effect; and December - Aran look panels. All worked in worsted weight yarn.

LA2940 TO GRANDMOTHER'S HOUSE WE GO ($7.00) Trellis - 2 colors with raised stitches; Mini Patch Quilt - join-as-you-go 2-row grannies; Welcome Pineapples - panels with pineapples; Grandmother's Flower Garden - crochet version of the quilt; Lilac Lace - one piece, very lacy; Star Granny - one-color and two-color grannies make the quilt pattern; Chenille - long dc's form nice all-over pattern; Patchwork - hexagon motifs with post stitches; Granny Quilt - granny squares with diagonal color changes; Granny Rose Strip - rose squares joined into strips; and Puffy Granny Square - large squares with contrasting joining. All worked in worsted weight yarn.

LA2941 OUR BEST CHRISTMAS THREAD CROCHET ($7.95). 42 patterns from past publications, many of which are no longer available: ornaments, edgings, doilies, sachets, coasters, snowflakes, wreathe, bowl, etc. All worked in bedspread weight cotton.

LA2945 BABY SOFT WRAPS ($5.50) by Anne Halliday. 1. Sweetheart - flowery cluster squares. 2. Sunshine - wagonwheel square using cluster stitch. 3. Precious - very open lacy hexagons. 4. Sleepytime - join as you go hexagons. 5. Playtime - hexagons with a flower look. 6. Naptime - very open hexagons. All are single color and all are made in sport weight yarn.

LA2946 OLD-TIMEY SCRAP AFGHANS ($4.50) by Nancy Fuller. 1. Flower Patch - hexagons with the flower shape done in scraps and the last rows in black. 2. Popcorn Stripes - one piece striped, with sc popcorns on some rows. 3. Patchwork - solid color squares with last row in black. 4. Chevrons - strips worked in dc ripple, then joined with rows of black. 5. Yo-Yos - motifs are the basic granny in one row, then are joined with chains and scs. 6. Checkerboard - one piece with color changes between black and scrap colors in each row, giving a checkerboard effect. All in worsted weight yarn.

LA2947 "SHAKE" YOUR BOOTIES ($5.00) by Valesha Marshell Kirksey. 9 patterns for baby booties with a nice thick "stay on" cuff and different treatments for the sides and instep, such as stars, flowers, etc. All in sport weight yarn.

LA2949 ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS MILE-A-MINUTE AFGHANS ($5.50) by Terry Kimbrough. 1. Ribbons & Lace - two colors with sc strips in the centers. 2. Victorian Garden - strips of flower motifs in one color, joined with same color. 3. Grandmother's Lace - almost a traditional mile-a-minute, using 2 colors. 4. Sentimental Circles - strips of circle motifs that are not finished off, but worked from one to the next, in one color. 5. Lacy Diamonds - single color with diamond effect in the center of strips. 6. Delicate Diamonds - strips of alternating colors of diamond shapes, joined with a third color.

LA2952 SHELL MILE-A-MINUTE AFGHANS ($6.50) by Ruth Shepherd. 10 patterns with names like Delight, Enchanting, etc. 3 of the afghans use a single color throughout and the other 7 afghans use a single color for the center of the strips and contrasting colors for the edging and joining of the strips.

LA2953 VARIEGATED ON THE DOUBLE ($7.00) by Mary Ann Sipes. 12 double-strand afghans to show off the lovely variegated yarns available today! Confetti stripes, strips; Turquoise Treasure, strips; Rose Garden, squares; Calico Ribbon, one-piece; Azure Comfort, one-piece; Casual Comfort, squares; Ruby Review, one-piece star-stitch; Brilliant Beauty, one-piece; Garden Gems, hexagons; Marble Elegance, one-piece "cable"; Precious Gemstones, one-piece with post stitch; and Jeweled Diamonds, panels with post and puff stitches. All in worsted weight yarn.

LA2954 ONE-SKEIN BAZAAR ($6.50) by Jennine Korejko (one design), Tammy Kreimeyer (one design), and Terry Kimbrough (twelve designs). All these designs can be made with one 8-ounce skein of worsted weight yarn. Dog Sweater, Square Bag (great beach tote!), Pillow, Hooded Baby Jacket, Bath Set - tissue box cover, tissue roll cover, potpourri pouch, and soap cover, Baby Blanket, Hat for adults, Bear, Placemats (2), Hot Pad Set (5), Baskets (2), Hat & Mittens for adults, Lacy Workbag with drawstring closing, and Scarf. The bear is especially cute, with post stitching to create "seams".

LA2956 FLUFFY RUFFLES ($5.00) by Anne Halliday. Granny's Delight (squares), Sweet Squares, Fluffy Strips, Playtime Stripes (one-piece), and Flower Garden (squares). All have ruffles added on for a 3-dimensional look. All worked in sport weight yarn.

LA2963 LACY & LOVELY ($5.50) by Anne Halliday. Six motif afghans shown in solid color: Soft Cadence, swirl hexagon; Floral Abundance, cluster circle in a square with unusual border; Spring Pleasure, petal hexagon with ruffly border; Solitary Comfort, puffy hexagon with tailored border; Floral Comfort, post cluster squares; and Quiet Moment, open hexagon. All in worsted weight yarn.

LA2964 NOAH'S ARK FOR BABY ($5.00) Stuffed giraffe (11'), monkey (9'), elephant (9"), and 6 blankets: Mountain Tops, ripple with ruffles; Ocean Waves, one-piece shells; Rainbows, square motifs; Noah's Ark, small colored squares form a picture of the ark); Two by Two, strips with ruffles, and Doves, one-piece shells with post stitch. In sport and worsted weight yarns

LA2966 MINI MASTERPIECES ($8.95) by Patricia Kirstoffersen. Another wonderful book with smaller doilies, but plenty of detail. 30 doilies, mostly round, but including a square, 2 ovals, a hexagon, etc. All in bedspread weight (size 10) cotton.

LA2974 FASHION STATEMENT ($5.50) by Kay Meadors. 2 jackets and 3 vests that do indeed make a fashion statement! Snowflake Cardigan has square motifs, Scalloped Edge Vest has an open filet look, Cluster Cardigan has an open look also, Scallop Motif Vest is longer and uses square motifs, and Diamond Motif Vest is shorter with a straight bottom edge. All are in sizes small, medium, and large; all uses bedspread weight cotton. Very nice, and none look like they would take months to complete!

LA2975 FOUR SEASONS AFGHANS ($8.00) by Tammy Kreimeyer. Twelve beautiful afghans with something for everybody's taste! Spring Blossom is worked in one piece with post stitches and a special flower stitch; Spring Bloom is made of flower squares with long dcs; Spring Buds is one piece worked in 2 colors with cluster stitches. Summer Siesta uses 3 colors worked in a one piece afghan, using the star stitch. Summer Ease is all one color worked in strips using clusters. Summer Sunflowers is worked in hexagons with very realistic sunflowers! Autumn Ripple uses dc and sc rows with cluster stitches in 3 colors. Autumn Color uses 5 colors in a one piece afghan and is really bright. Autumn Pops is square motifs using black and a variegated for an almost psychedelic look. Winter Wonder is very masculine, a one-piece afghan with post stitches and clusters in 3 colors. Winter Frost is hexagons with small squares to fill in, using clusters and post stitches. Winter Warmth is a one-piece worked on the diagonal in 3 colors (shown in Christmas colors) with cluster and post stitches. All are made in worsted weight yarn.

LA2978 SWEETHEART GRANNIES FOR BABY ($6.00) by Anne Halliday. All 8 of these afghans feature squares with 3-D hearts in the centers, some with alternating traditional granny squares and some with all heart squares. Some are very feminine with ruffles and some have a more tailored look. All made sport weight yarn.

LA2982 BOOKMARKS FOR ALL ($5.50) by Anne Halliday. Lots of variety in these 14 designs for bookmarks. Several are crocheted the long way, leaving long ends for fringe on both ends, which is a great idea since we don't have to figure out what to do with all those ends from color changes! All are made in bedspread weight cotton.

LA2986 CONTEST FAVORITES AFGHAN SQUARES ($9.95) 30 wonderful patterns for afghan blocks, with instructions for 10 full-size afghans from them. Words would not do this collection justice; there's just so much variety and the different looks are terrific! Anybody who can't find something they like in this book must be terribly hard to please; this would be a great gift even for a long-time crocheter.

LA2988 BIRTHDAY SACHETS ($5.00) by Anne Halliday. No finished size given, but I'd say they are about 6" across. Each of the 12 patterns has a different flower in the center, a very lacy background, and a pretty edging. The back piece is made without the edging, a fabric pouch for the filler is made, and then the back piece is joined to the front (with the pouch between) by weaving a narrow ribbon through the outer row of stitches! Flowers include: carnation, violet, daffodil, daisy, lily of the valley, rose, larkspur, poppy, aster, calendula, chrysanthemum, and poinsettia. All in bedspread weight (size 10) crochet cotton.

LA2989 BLANKETS & BOOTIES ($6.00) by Mary Ann Sipes. A bonanza of patterns - 8 baby afghans with matching booties! Booties are shown in 2 sizes - 0 to 3 months and 3 to 6 months. Dapper Delights is a one-piece with crossed dcs, Delicate Darlings is motifs with post sts, clusters, and shells, Dainty Dandies is motifs with post sts , and Precious Pretties is squares with puff sts. Sweet Surprises is done in strips, Bashful Beauties is a one-piece (in variegated yarn) with popcorn sts, Winsome Wonders is a one-piece with long dcs, and Delightful Dreams is a one-piece with cluster sts. All except the variegated afghan use two colors of sport weight yarn.

LA2990 STRIP-A-DAY AFGHANS ($5.50) by Jan Hatfield. 7 patterns for strip (or Mile-a-Minute) afghans, all with a tailored look that makes them perfect for gifts for men or women! Each afghan takes from 7 to 9 strips, so there's not as much joining later, in fact one is join-as-you-go. All use just two colors of yarn and post stitches for texture, and all are made with worsted weight yarn.

LA2992 VARIEGATED RUGS TO CROCHET ($5.50) by Anne Halliday. Eight triple-strand rugs that use an N hook and work up really fast. Four of them are rectangles worked in one piece. One is a round in one piece, one is a round in motifs, and two are rectangles with motifs. All in worsted weight yarn.

LA2993 VERY PRETTY AFGHANS ($7.00) by Mary Lamb Decker. Ten afghans done in one color, to let the pattern shine. Alluring, Treasure, and Enchantment use post sts and popcorns and are in one piece. Graceful uses extended tcs and is in one piece. Adoring uses a "heart st" that makes a heart shape pop out and is in squares. Exquisite uses post st and popcorn, Splendour has chain loops, Delightful uses picots and "bow", Dainty has no "special" stitches, and all these are one-piece. Cherish uses post st and picots and is made up of squares. All are in worsted weight yarn.

LA2997 LACY RIPPLES FOR BABY ($5.50) by Anne Halliday. All 6 of these baby afghans are done in one piece and have a very dainty dressy quality to them. All are in sport weight yarn.

LA3000 99 FLORAL MOTIFS TO CROCHET ($11.95) Yes, there really are 99 floral designs in this leaflet, mostly in squares and hexagons that make them perfect for afghans. None of them are given names, but they are definitely all flowers!!

LA3001 ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS SENTIMENTAL SHELLS ($6.00) by Terry Kimbrough. Third in the "Absolutely Gorgeous" afghan leaflet series, this one features afghans in one color, all with fancy lacy borders. Four of the seven afghans are one-piece, one is in motifs, and the other two are in panels (much like Mile-a-Minute). All are done in worsted weight yarn.

LA3002 JUST DUCKY BABY AFGHANS ($5.50) by Tammy Kreimeyer. Seven ripple baby afghans, in solid or several colors, plus a sweet little duck to crochet. All in sport weight yarn.

LA3006 CUTE FOR KIDS ($5.50) by Donna Scully. Real sweaters for real kids, all in sizes 4, 6, 8, and 10. Crewneck Pullover has a simple stitch for the body and an interesting post stitch/puff stitch combination for the ribbing; Crewneck Cardigan has post st and sc bands for texture interest; V-Neck Pullover has the same bands but with a crew neck and button front; and last is a Double-Breasted Cardigan in an easy stitch with color bands, a v-neck and of course the double-breasted front. All in worsted weight yarn.

LA3007 SWEATER SETS FOR BABY ($6.50) by Teresa Smith. Four sweet little pullover sweaters with matching pants, all using stitches for pattern interest, in sizes 6, 12, 18, and 24 months. Directions are quite detailed, this book is 28 pages long! All in sport weight yarn.

LA3008 A YEAR OF TEARDROP AFGHANS ($7.00) by Melissa Leapman. 12 afghans done in one piece with 2 or more colors, using long stitches to create different effects. All in worsted weight yarn.

LA3009 MORE DOUBLE-QUICK FOR BABY ($5.50) by Carole Prior. Nine double-strand afghans all done in one piece (no sewing; even faster!), using worsted weight yarn and a P hook. Some use color changes from row to row, and some use 2 strands of different colors (such as a variegated and a coordinating solid). These are also a good size for lap robes, or they could be made full size by making a longer beginning chain.

LA3012 LET'S GO BYE-BYE ($7.00) by Kay Meadors. Four layettes for babies in sizes 0-3 and 6-9 months! The first set has post stitches to make a raised chain effect, with a sacque, bonnet, booties, and blanket. The second set has a very close almost knit effect, with a cardigan, short pants, booties, tam, and blanket; this one could be very masculine. The third set is very traditional with v-stitches for the pattern, with a sacque, bonnet, booties, and blanket. The fourth set is all "boy" in a plain pattern, with a cardigan, short pants, booties, blanket, and a billed sailor cap. All are in baby weight fingering yarn.

LA3013 99 SNOWFLAKES ($9.95) Lots of snowflake patterns ranging from tiny 1-1/2" ones to elaborate 3-dimensional beauties. All made in size 10 bedspread weight crochet thread.

LA3014 OUR BEST AFGHANS A TO Z ($9.95) 26 afghans, from previously published patterns. One that caught my eye is a child's afghan in crayon colors with cross-stitched dinosaurs! One piece, motifs, mile-a-minute, and even broomstick lace are represented in this leaflet. All in sport or worsted weight yarns.

LA3015 ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS BABY AFGHANS ($5.00) by Terry Kimbrough. Five very delicate, lacy baby blankets, all in one piece with unusual lacy borders, the kind of blankets that are kept to hand down to the next generation. All in sport weight yarn.

LA3020 RUFFLES & RIBBONS ($5.00) by Anne Halliday. 5 designs for baby blankets, all one-piece shown in solid colors. The patterns are delicate and lacy, with beading rows in ruffle, so you can run ribbon through it. However, with the danger that the ribbon might represent, I would probably do the beading row in solid dc and put little ribbon bows on the corners (for safety's sake!). All made in sport weight yarn.

LA3021 AFGHANS INSPIRED BY SCRIPTURE ($7.00) by Tammy Kreimeyer. 10 designs with scriptural themes: Grapes & Vines (one-piece in solid color with puff st and post sts), Granny Square (a slight variation on the granny, with popcorn and post st), Hearts (motifs with cluster st), Honeycomb (one-piece in solid color with clusters), Rainbow (puff st ripple), Colors (unusual motifs set with black in post st), Wheat (one-piece in shades of one color), Rings (motifs with interlocking rings), Angels (one-piece with rows of filet angels), and finally Rose of Sharon (motifs with rose center with puff st, very delicate). All in worsted weight yarn.

LA3022  BIG BOOK OF LITTLE ANGELS (OUT OF STOCK!) by Anne Halliday.  32 Angels!  Nine of them are  round clothespin angels with high necks and separate wings; ten are round clothespin angels with round necks and wings worked in with the dress; seven are flat angels with the head worked around a 1" plastic ring; and the final six are made on the smaller flat clothespins.  All are made with bedspread (size 10) crochet cotton. 

LA3026 A YEAR OF AFGHANS BOOK NINE ($8.00) Twelve more afghans for us to make. Ripples, motifs, one-piece, fisherman, strips are all represented here. Lots of different techniques, all in worsted weight yarn.

LA3027 THE BIG BOOK OF DISHCLOTHS ($7.95) 99 (yes, 99!) patterns in this leaflet, most of which would be great as afghan squares. A few circles, but most of the patterns are squares worked from the center out or in rows. All in worsted weight cotton.

LA3029 PILLOWGHANS FOR BABY BOOK 2 ($5.50) by Katherine Satterfield. 5 new designs with great ideas for pillowghans. All five feature squares made up of smaller join-as-you-go motifs (a _major_ plus), and one even has 2 large one-piece squares for the "tuck in" squares! Even though these are worked in worsted weight yarn, they still have a light airy look because of the use of small motifs.

LA3033 MILE-A-MINUTES FOR EVERYONE ($6.00) by Teresa Smith. Ten afghans in this leaflets, all relatively tailored in look. All are done in only two colors, and some are shown in two colors and a single color variation. If you like doing MAM afghans, this would be a good addition to your crochet library. All in worsted weight yarn.

LA3034 A YEAR OF BABY AFGHANS BOOK 2 ($7.50) Some very interesting patterns in this one -
January - alternating pastel and white blocks, done in one piece
February - pastel on white background, with post stitches forming tiny hearts!
March - lacy blocks reminiscent of thread crochet
April - ripple alternating white and pastels, with puff stitch on white rows
May - alternating two-color granny squares and daisy squares
June - interesting arrangement of rose squares, with pretty lace border
July - open ripple in white and 2 pastels
August - octagon motifs with stars and shooting stars!
September - one-piece in solid with bands of different stitches
October - Mile-a-Minute with pastel centers and white borders
November - one-piece predominantly white with rows of pastels
December - Angel squares!!! done with the diagonal shell stitch with color changes that make a skirt, head, and wings.

LA3035 SLIPPER SOCKS FOR KIDS ($4.50) by Sue Penrod. Eight different sets of slippers that are crocheted with no cuff and then sewn (whip stitched?) over socks so the sock makes the cuff - Loopstitch, Windowpane, Stairstep, Cluster, Column, Teddy, Bunny, and Knobby. All children's sizes 5-7, 8-10, 11,13, and youth 1-3, and all are made with worsted weight yarn.

LA3036 ROMANCING THE ROSE ($8.00) by Terry Kimbrough. A whole leaflet of 22 patterns with the rose as the central theme! The Rosebud Afghan is squares (join as you go!)with tiny rosebuds in the center, and the White Roses is larger roses, also join-as-you-go. Also included are: Rosy Rug, Tissue Roll Cover, Tissue Box Cover, Jar Lid Cover, Ruffled Basket, Trinket Box, Sachet, Gift Bag (precious!), Rosy Coaster, Hat Pincushion, Eyeglass Case, Edging with Ribbon, Edging with Rose Motif, Curtain Tieback, Doily (Roses around the outer edge), and Heart Doily. This only adds up to 18 projects, but there are color variations on some of them. Made with bedspread weight cotton, worsted weight yarn, and bulky brushed yarn (White Roses afghan).

LA3040 PRECIOUS PATTERNS FOR BABY ($5.00) by Anne Halliday. Five patterns using 2 or more colors (mostly more!) with lots of color changes and stitches that create very interesting patterns. These would be great with worsted weight yarn to make full size afghans, especially an afghan for a man, since they are not frilly at all and the work is very close and not "holey". All made in sport weight yarn.

LA3041 TOUCHED BY NATURE ($6.00) by Delsie Rhoades. Six doily patterns all using the pineapple to create different patterns. Circle of Love is a ring of hearts near the center, Flights of Fancy looks like a circle of butterflies seen from the side around a central flower, Garden Symphony is a circle of flowers, Nature's Bounty looks like a ring of real pineapples (sort of), Spirit of Spring is a ring of very nice daffodils, and Doves in Flight is the "piece de resistance", a circle of doves with their bills all pointing toward the center. All the patterns are open and very "airy" looking, and all are done in bedspread weight cotton.

LA3042 CHILL CHASERS ($6.50) by Cindy Harris. Lots of patterns (16 in all) of hats, scarves, and mittens for the whole family. Here's a list: For children: Team Spirit Hat, Winter Warmer Set (hat, mittens, and scarf), Bead Hat (uses beads at the crown), Hat & Mitten Set, Earmuff, Hooded Scarf, Flower Hat, and Headband. For adults: Hat, Hat & Muff Set, Scarf, Headband, Neck Wrap, Striped Cap, Ski Cap, and Hat & Scarf Set. All in worsted weight yarn.

LA3043 A YEAR OF Q-HOOK AFGHAN BOOK 2 ($7.00) by different designers. 4 are made with motifs, 7 are in one piece, and 1 is a strip afghan. Lots of variety for those of you who love making quick, thick afghans! All use a Q hook and 2-3 strands of worsted weight held together.

LA3051 AFGHANS BY THE DOZEN, A SOFTER LOOK ($7.00) by Anne Halliday. It's always hard to describe the afghan patterns, but here goes: 4 ripple variations all in a single color, 4 motif patterns very lacy in one color, 3 striped afghans in more than one color, and 1 mile-a-minute in two colors. All in worsted weight yarn.

LA3052 BOOTIE COLLECTION ($5.00) by Kay Meadors. 10 patterns for baby booties, all in bedspread weight cotton! Pink Flowers, ABC-123, White Shells, Sneakers, Hiking Boots, Two-Tone, Mocassins, Cross Stitch, White Ruffles, and Antique Lace. For sizes 0-3 months.

LA3053 LEMON DROPS & DAISIES ($5.50) by various designers. Field of Daisies (motifs to join as you go), Lemon Chiffon (one piece), Lollipops (one piece), Lemon Drops (motifs), Lemon Meringue (one piece), Daisy Chain (strips), and Fresh as a Daisy (motifs to join as you go). The first 4 are in sport weight yarn and the last 3 are in worsted weight yarn.


LA3062 SWEET LITTLE RUFFLES ($5.50) by Anne Halliday. Six patterns for baby blankets done with motifs, all with at least 2 colors and pretty ruffled edgings. Actually there are 5 different patterns and the 6th is a "patchwork" of the first 5 patterns. All in sport weight yarn. The cover shows the 6th blanket with all 5 patterns.

LA3063 PICK-A-PATTERN ($6.00) by Anne Halliday. A great scrap yarn pattern book, with 8 patterns that all show at least 7 different colors of yarn plus a background color. Woven Stripes is one-piece, Patchwork Squares has squares and rectangles, Floral Mix is motifs, Circle Stripes is in strips, Crisscross Stripes is one-piece, Textured Squares is squares, Colorful Circles is squares, and Zigzag Stripes is one piece. All in worsted weight yarn.

Noah's Ark - ark in the center panel and appliqued characters in surrounding panels.
Blue & White Checkerboard - post stitches create the effect
Windows of Heaven - gorgeous shaded log cabin squares.
Reversible - variegated on one side and solid on the other!
Checkerboard - squares that alternate colors within the square.
Two-Way Hearts - shell & popcorn in solid color.
Gems - squares with a floral effect.
Square Posts - post clusters on squares with alternating color patterns
Fiesta - easy panels joined with no-sew method.
Bunny Love - one piece with filet bunnies and hearts.
Lots of Blocks - one piece with blocks formed by color changes.
Blue Diamonds - large squares broken into 4 triangles of color.
Paintbrush - dc with bands of solid and variegated separated by black.
Snowman - snowman and tree appliqued to solid background.
Log Cabin Granny - squares with color changes create a log cabin quilt effect.
Berries in Cream - circles in squares joined as-you-go.
Woven Scraps - each square is crocheted strips woven together and then crocheted around, a great way to use up scraps of yarn.
Angels - one piece filet with pc and post divisions.
Viva - lots of creative stitch use make these squares really eye-catching.
Ribbons of Color - one piece with long dc and clusters that give the color changes a plaid effect.
Heart's United - circle-in-square motifs with post stitch hearts.
Starlight - motifs look just like peppermint candies!
Wheels in a Square - circle-in-square motifs with nice color changes.
Guiding Light - one piece filet with lighthouses. Butterfly - large (20-1/2") squares with variegated butterflies worked following a chart.
Harlequin - one piece with diamonds created by color changes.
Ribbons - one piece using variegated and black.
Log Cabin Christmas - granny motif with color changes on the diagonal creating Christmas trees!.
Diagonal Stripes - diagonal block stitch with nice use of color.
Love Knots - one piece using crossed stitch with chain fringe.
Buds & Ivy - mile-a-minute with "leaves" worked in and buds appliqued.
Stained Glass - hexagon motifs in variegated and black .
Roses on Lace - very lacy squares with 3-D rose in center.
Vanity - one piece in variegated with interesting textured effect.
Jaguar - center of each square looks like a jaguar spot.
Triple Treat - one piece with variegated and 2 coordinating solids.
Desert Rainbow - one piece with color changes that look like an Indian blanket.
Sedona Style - "granny" rectangles and squares put together in an interesting way.
Rosebud - diagonal block stitches create squares that look like a floral patchwork quilt.
Woven Squares - small solid color squares sewn together create a woven ribbon effect.
All use worsted weight yarn.

LA3068 - QUICK STEP Q-HOOK RUGS ($5.00) by Maggie Weldon. Striped Rectangle, Oval, Half Round, Round, Checkerboard, Rectangle, Hexagon with Braids, and Fringed Hexagon, all made with multiple (at least 4) strands of worsted weight yarn.

LA3078 99 GRANNY SQUARES TO CROCHET($9.95) This has 1 triangle motif, 2 rectangular motif, 9 hexagons, and the rest are all squares. Lots of variety both in style and shape, although none of them are very "3-D" such as flower squares would be. A really good basic book for someone who uses a lot of these types of patterns. No yarns specified.

LA3079 HEARTS & FLOWERS ($6.50) by Anne Halliday. Lots of lovely patterns featuring heart and flowers, including Hanger Cover & Sachets, Floral Heart Sachet, Floral Sachet, Round Heart Sachet, Heart Sachet, Rose Heart Sachet, Coasters, Bookmark, Heart Plaque, Pillow, Floral Wreath, Heart Frame, Floral Frame, Filet Dresser Scarf, Heart Dresser Scarf, Heart Edging, and Floral Edging. Made with bedspread weight cotton (size 10).

LA3080 SWEET LITTLE MILE-A-MINUTES ($5.50) by Tammy Kreimeyer. 7 pretty baby blankets made in strips, which are joined together as-you-go. Two of them are actually motifs that are joined into strips and then crocheted together, and the other seven are true mile-a-minutes with the strips crocheted in rounds or rows before joining. All made using sport weight yarn.

LA3081 COASTERS BY THE DOZEN ($5.00) by Patricia Kristoffersen. 12 more little miniature doilies, each with Trish's signature "crusty" look, with lots of raised stitches. Most are worked in less than 10 rounds, but one has 17 rounds of work! All are done in size 10 crochet cotton with no finished size given, but they would also make nice small doilies worked in heavier cotton, perhaps even hot pads.

LA3082 DISTINGUISHED DIAMONDS ($6.00) by Anne Halliday. Another afghan book by a designer with a distinct "look" to her designs. 4 designs are done in squares (one requires 300!), 2 designs are in strips, and 2 are in one piece, all having the diamond shape in the design somehow. In the designs worked in squares, they have an almost appliqued look! All are worked in worsted weight yarn.

LA3083 FASHION COLLECTION ($6.00) by Kay Meadors. Sizes for all six patterns are: small (32"-34"), medium (36"-38"), large (40"-42"), and ex-large (44"-46"). Crew-Neck Cardigan, V-Neck Pullover, V-Neck Cardigan, Short Sleeve Cardigan, V-Neck Pullover, and Motif Cardigan (Irish Rose look). All of these have nice patterns and are very stylish, and because they are made with size 10 cotton they look light enough for warm weather wear.

LA3086 DREAMY DAY AFGHANS ($5.50) by Melissa Leapman. Seven afghans all quick-to-crochet because they are a single color and are made in one piece. The patterns are mostly lacy. All are made with bulky brushed acrylic yarn.

LA3088 LULLABY MEDLEY($5.50) by Anne Halliday. Seven baby afghans in a variety of techniques. Three are done in squares and four are one-piece. All in worsted weight yarn.



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