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Leisure Arts leaflets LA2701 through LA2898

LA2701 CHRISTMAS CLOTHESPIN ANGELS BOOK 2 ($3.50) by Anne Halliday; 5 patterns for dresses with wings and halos, to use with peg-style round clothespins, in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2702 A YEAR OF AFGHANS BOOK SIX ($7.00) 12 different patterns for afghans, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2703 WRAPPED IN LOVE ($4.50) by Terry Kimbrough; Cable Puff & Lace, Ruffles & Stripes, Flower Motif, Lacy Ripple, and Woven Stripes, all in sport wt. yarn

LA2704 FLORAL DOILIES BOOK 2 ($5.50) by Dot Drake; 7 round doilies from 14" to 18", 1 square doily 12", and 1 oval 18"x24", all in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2705 DISHCLOTHS IN THE ROUND ($4.50) 17 different designs, all in worsted wt. cotton

LA2707 RANCH DRESSING ($7.50) by Mary Jane Protus; Shawl Collar Vest, Vests, Jackets, Yo-Yo Tee, and Tote Bags, in women's sizes sm., md., and lg., all in sport wt. yarn

LA2711 BEST OF THE VESTS ($3.50) by Margie Wicker; Double-Breasted Vest, Windowpane Vest, and Striped Vest in women's sizes sm., md., and lg., all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2713 FOR NEW ARRIVALS ($4.50) by Anne Halliday; Chain Loop Squares, Circles, Granny Squares, Cluster Stripes, and Scallop Strips, all in sport wt. yarn

LA2714 FLORAL POMANDERS ($3.50) by Anne Halliday; lined crocheted pouches with crocheted flowers: Daisy, Little Pinks, Blue Aster, Zinnia, Rose, and Pansy, all in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2715 LIGHT & LACY AFGHANS ($3.00) by Rhonda Semonis; 3 afghans worked in very lacy strips, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2718 OLD-FASHIONED GARDEN ($6.50) Southern Blossoms, Granny's Garden, Posy Patch, Timeless Tulips (filet), Earth Awakens, Lilacs & Lace, Spring Beauty, and Garden Drama afghans, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2720 FOR THE CHRISTENING ($4.50) by Maureen Egan Emlet; Christening Set for newborn to 3 months (gown, bonnet, & booties) in baby fingering wt. yarn, plus a knit set

LA2725 DRESSING UP DOLLY ($5.00) by Margie Wicker; for 12" baby doll: Sacque, Cap, Booties, Panties, Bunting, Sunsuit, Shirt, Cap, Socks, Basket, Hooded Towel, Washcloth, Christening Set (gown, bonnet, booties, panties, & blanket), Dress Set (dress, bonnet, booties, and panties), Romper, and Bib, in baby fingering, sport, and worsted wt. yarns

LA2727 SNOW WHITE FOR BABY ($4.00) by Carole Prior; 5 one-piece, solid color baby blankets in worsted wt. yarn

LA2728 PRETTY PASTELS ($5.00) by Patricia Kristoffersen; 6 afghans in strips and motifs, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2729 COLORFUL COASTERS IN COTTON YARN ($3.50) by Patty Kowaleski; 6 coasters approx 4-3/4" plus a coaster box, all in worsted wt. cotton

LA2731 BABY BOOTIES ($5.00) 6 designs to crochet in baby fingering wt. yarn, and 6 designs to knit in sport wt. yarn

LA2736 A YEAR OF Q-HOOK AFGHANS ($7.00) by Mary Ann Sipes; 12 different designs, all using 2 strands of worsted wt. yarn

LA2738 I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M CROCHETING ($6.50) 24 pages of basic crochet instructions for right- and left-handed crocheters, plus patterns: Reversible Afghan, Baby Afghan, Vest (women's sizes sm., md., and lg.), Coasters, Koala Bear, Scarf, and Dishcloth, in sport and worsted wt. yarns

LA2739 PILLOW PATTERNS ($4.00) by Joan Beebe; 8 patterns for motif and one-piece pillows, front and back, with instructions for sewing form cover, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2741 HOT PADS FOR ALL SEASONS ($4.00) by Jean Leffler; Snowflake, Heart, Shamrock, Easter Egg, Posy, Watermelon, Stars & Stripes, Sunflower, Jack-o-Lantern, Leaf, and Poinsettia, all in 2 strands of worsted wt. yarn

LA2748 BLUE ON BLUE ($6.00) Baby Blues Ripple, Quick Crochet Log Cabin, Lacy Crescents, Mock Popcorns, Zig-Zag Filet, Mile-a-Minute Blues, Pineapple Puffs, Blue Seas & White Sands, and Blue Granny, all in worsted wt. yarn


LA2750 SCRAP HAPPY AFGHANS ($3.50) by Judy Bolin; Granny Stripes, Crisscross Color Blocks, and Hexagon Granny, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2751 TRENDY TRIO ($4.50) by Donna Scully; Turtleneck, V Neck, and Crew Neck sweaters in women's sizes sm., md., and lg., in worsted and heavy worsted wt. yarns

LA2752 DISTINCTIVE DOILIES ($5.50) by Lissa Ammann; 6 doilies from 13" to 18", all in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2756 MAKE ONE FOR BABY ($5.50) by Carole Rutter Tippett; Crisscross, Pastel Stripes, Pinwheels, Waffle Stripes, Clusters & Stripes, Snowflake, and Picots & Stripes, all in sport wt. yarn

LA2760 A YEAR OF TEDDY BEARS ($6.50) Teddies large and small, making broom doll teddies, pandas, Santas, draftdodgers, etc., 12 in all, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2761 RIPPLING EFFECTS ($7.50) by Carole Prior; Summer Sky, Cables & Contours, Antique Teal, Waterfall, Peaches & Cream, Rose Petal, Colonial, Grandma's Lacy, Holly & Ivy, Golden Harvest, Rustic, Indian Summer, Ocean Waves, Rolling Hills, Spring Blossom, and Rainbow ripple afghans, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2762 EYEGLASS CASES TO CROCHET ($3.50) by Carolyn Pfeifer; 6 different designs for eyeglass cases, all in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2767 CLASSICS WITH A "Q" ($6.00) by Melissa Leapman; Houndstooth Check, Pleasing Plaid, Awning Array, Ribbed Racks, Wintry Fans, Buffalo Plaids, Checkerboard Squares, Royal Ripple, Thermal Blanket, and Natural Stripes, all in 2 strands of worsted wt. yarn

LA2772 DOILY GARDEN ($7.00) by Delsie Rhoades; Iris (filet rect.), Rose, Bleeding Heart, Daffodil, Lily, Violet, Pansy, Chrysanthemum, Crocus, Brown-Eyed Susan, Daisy, and Forget-Me-Not from 12" to 22", all in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2774 BEARY SWEET BABY AFGHANS ($3.50) Stripe, Shell, Bobbles & Crosses, Diagonal, Teddy Bear (patchwork blocks), and Filet, all in sport wt. yarn

LA2775 COUNTRY COASTERS ($4.50) by Shobha Govindan; Flag, Round Blue, Log Cabin Quilt, Heart, Pineapple, Nine-Patch Quilt, Oval Rug, House, and Sunflower, all in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2776 GUMDROPS AND RAINBOWS ($4.50) by C.A. Riley; Teddy's Rainbow (filet), Gumdrop Roulette, Gumdrop Ripple, Rainbow on the Double (2 strands), and Glittering Rainbows (2 strands), in sport and worsted wt. yarns

LA2778 GUARDIAN ANGEL BABY AFGHANS ($2.50) blankets using small squares to create a picture: Angel Holding Baby and Angel Head with Wings, both in worsted wt. yarn

LA2784 WINTER WHITES ($4.00) by Anne Halliday; Stripes, Squares, Circles, Checks, and Diamonds afghans all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2787 LITTLE RIPPLES FOR BABY ($4.50) by Jennine Korejko; Yellow Stripes, Blue Stripes, Little Clusters, Little Puffs, Little Spikes, and Little Waves baby blankets, all in sport wt. yarn

LA2788 QUICK & EASY SLIPPERS WITH A P-HOOK ($3.50) by Cindy Peecher; 7 patterns for sizes 5/6, 7/8, and 9/10, in 2 strands of worsted wt. yarn

LA2791 OVAL DOILIES ($5.50) by Lucille LaFlamme; 8 patterns in sizes 9"x13" to 12"x18-1/2" in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2793 CRADLE CROCHET ($4.50) by Dianne Bee; Pink Blush, Bashful Blooms, Tuckered Out, Dandy, Sunny Sweet, and Whimsy, all in sport wt. yarn

LA2794 CASUAL MIX ($4.50) by Nancy Fuller; Dream State, Diamonds, and String Quilt afghans, with planned and scrap versions, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2796 LAYETTES FOR LITTLE ONES ($5.00) by Carole Prior; Granny's Baby, Clusters of Love, and Rainbow Shells, with sacque, bonnet, booties, and afghan pattern for each set, all in baby wt. yarn

LA2799 TISSUE BOX PALS ($3.50) by Sue Penrod; Basic cover for boutique tissue box, with heads for: Bear, Pig, Cow, Bunny, Chicken, Kitty, Lamb, and Puppy, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2801 TOUCH OF ROMANCE ($5.00) by Carole Prior; Open Links, Bobbles & Petals, Puff & Lace Ripple, Picot & Scallop Fans, Puffs & Lace, Pineapple Clusters, and Close Fans, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2802 PANSY ROMANCE (6.50) by Terry Kimbrough; from doily to afghan, in bedspread wt. cotton and sport and worsted yarns

LA2804 EASY PATTERNS ($4.50) by Anne Halliday; 5 patterns for afghans with a Norwegian knit look, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2807 ROCK-A-BYE WRAPS BOOK 2 ($4.50) by Terry Kimbrough; Sweethearts, Baby Aran, Simply Shells, Circle of Love, Wee Irish Lass, and Climbing Shells, all in sport wt. yarns

LA2810 PILLOWGHANS FOR BABY ($3.50) by Katherine Satterfield Robert; Baby Yo-Yo, Parfait, and Heart, constructed to fold up into a pillow, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2811 AFGHANS THRU THE HOUSE ($5.00) by Carla Bentley; Bedroom, Family Room, Teenagers Room, Porch Swing, Living Room, Nursery, Den, and Child's Room, all in worsted Wt. yarn

LA2812 LACY TABLE TOPPERS ($6.00) by Ocie Jordan; Pineapple Party, Dancing Dolls, Spinning Wheel, Perky Picots, Star Attraction, Pinwheel Fun, and Pinecone Parade, 24" to 33", all in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2813 GUARDIAN ANGELS FOR BABY ($6.50) by Beth Ann Webber; Blue Afghan (granny), Small Guardian angels (5"), Constance holding Baby(-1/2"), Justice (5" x 9"), Honor (4-1/2" x 7-1/2"), Wreath, Tissue Box Cover, Mobile, and Pink Afghan, in bedspread wt. cotton and sport and worsted wt. yarns

LA2814 AFGHANS BY THE DOZEN - SHELLS ($7.00) by Anne Halliday; Shells upon Shells, Pebbles & Shells, Framed Shells, Seascape, Shells in a Basket, Tidal Flow, Dreams of Shells, Flowing Shells, Shells in a Net, Sand & Shells, Ocean Waves, and Shell Wave, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2816 LACY LULLABIES ($6.00) by Brenda Stratton & Carol Alexander; Serenade, Lacy Shells, Star Flower, Pastel Rings, Reflections, Frozen Star, Daydreams, Lullaby, Morning Star, and Pink Flowers, all in sport wt. yarn

LA2822 SCENTED ORNAMENTS ($3.50) by Anne Halliday; 5 different patterns for 4-1/2" circles of potpourri, in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2823 CROCHETED TOWEL TOPPERS ($4.00) by Maggie Weldon; Daisy, Poppy, Sunflower, Watermelon, Rose, Apple, Orange, Strawberry, and Cactus, using plastic canvas for towel bar and worsted wt. yarn.

LA2824 LACY MILE-A-MINUTE AFGHANS ($4.50) by Jennine Korejko.  Romantic feminine afghans that are more open than most afghans: 7 unnamed patterns; 5 are one color and 2 are multi-color.  All in worsted weight yarn.

LA2826 BIRTHSTONE AFGHANS ($6.50) by Carole Prior; 12 different solid-color, one-piece afghans, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2827 JUST FOR ME ($6.00) by Tammy Kreimeyer; Baby Afghans: Granny Garden, Granny Bows, Diagonal Bobbles, Star Stripes, Granny Flowers, Crosses & Shells, Granny Hearts, Baby Blocks, Picot Strips, Baby Bobbles, Offset Shells, and Clusters & Shells, all in heavy worsted wt. yarn

LA2828 BABY SHOWER GIFTS ($7.50) by Terry Kimbrough; Several Sets (bonnet, booties, bib), Bib & Headband Set, Wrist Rattle, Clotheshanger, Bible Cover, Baby's Block, Edgings for Blankets, Mobile, Baby's Ball, Corsage, Baby Package Tie, Bottle Holder, Baby's Bear, Laundry Line (tiny dress, bonnet, overalls, & booties), all in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2832 KITCHEN ANGELS ($6.00) by Beth Ann Webber; Joy (10-1/2"), Peace (10"), Towel Topper Angel (4"x5"), Angel Magnet, and Plenty (4-1/2"), in bedspread wt. cotton and sport wt. yarn

LA2834 CHRISTMAS GIFTS ($4.50) Scarf, Slippers, Dishcloth, Pot Holders, Afghan, Mittens, Coaster, Angel Dolls (7-1/2"), Muffler, Clothespin Angel, Potpourri Baskets, and Bibs, in bedspread wt. cotton and worsted wt. yarn

LA2835 BABY MILE-A-MINUTE AFGHANS BOOK 2 ($4.00) by Jennine Korejko; Out for a Stroll, Little Boy Blue, Mint Delight, Bright & Cheery, Cuddle time, and Cotton Candy, all in sport wt. yarn

LA2836 THREAD TREE TRIMS ($5.00) by Anne Halliday; Dove, Heart, Small & Large Angels, Bells, Medallions, Trees, Wreaths, and Snowflakes, all in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2837 TIMELESS TABLECLOTHS ($5.50) by Dot Drake; patterns for 5 motif tablecloths in several sizes for each, all in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2844 QUICK AND EASY CROCHETED SWEATERS ($6.50) by Mary Jane Protus; Jacket, Pullover, Tee Top, Cardigan, and V-Neck Vest, in women's sizes xsm., sm.,md.,lg., and xlg, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2845 LACY GRANNY AFGHANS ($4.50) by Anne Halliday; Wild Rose, Camellia, Spring Bouquet, Magnolia, Formal Garden, and Azalea, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2846 HIS & HER BABY AFGHANS ($4.50) by Rose Marie Brooks; Sonshine, Baby Boy, Flower Girl, Little Lady, Sleepy Gent, and Sugar & Spice, all in sport wt. yarn

LA2847 24 FLORAL EDGINGS ($6.50) by Terry Kimbrough; Tiny flower, Painted Daisy, Starflower, Gardenia, Forget-Me-Not, Daisy, Daffodil, Sunflower, Vintage, Petunia, Violet, Poinsettia, Fuchsia, Pansy, Irish Rose, Spring Beauty, Morning Glory, Chrysanthemum, Antique, Cosmos, Bachelor Button, Wild Rose, Brown-Eyed Susan, and Very Victorian, all in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2848 A YEAR OF AFGHANS 7 ($7.00)

LA2849 MONOGRAMMED COASTERS ($3.00) by Shobha Govindan; Filet monogram from with colored back and 4 different edgings, all in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2850 BOLD & BEAUTIFUL ($5.50) by Nair Carswell; Afghans: Freedom Day, Quiet Moments, Medallions, Country Pleasures, Spring Romance, Sunflowers, and Grandma's Garden, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2851 DOILIES BY THE DOZEN - ELEGANT IN ECRU ($7.00) by Patricia Kristoffersen; 11 round doilies and 1 "square" doily, from 8-1/4" to 14-1/2", all in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2853 OUR BEST BABY AFGHANS ($14.95) 54 (yes, 54!) baby afghan patterns, all from previous L.A. publications, in baby, sport, and worsted wt. yarns

LA2856 BABY RIPPLES ($5.50) Naptime Ripple, Precious Ripple, Rock-a-Bye Ripple, Delightful Ripple, Darling Ripple, Dandy Ripple, and Sweetheart Ripple, all in sport wt. yarn

LA2857 "PURR-FECT" AFGHANS FOR BABY ($5.50) by Anne Halliday; Kitty's Stripes & Ruffles, Cat Nat Clusters, Kitty Four Square, Petal Purr-fect, Purr-fection, Purr-fect Sassy Stripes, and Purr-fectly Sweet Stripes, all in worsted wt. yarn (by the way, none of these have cat motifs)

LA2858 SLIPPERS FOR THE FAMILY ($5.50) Granny Square, Post Stitch, Heart, Booties, Flower, and Rosebud in women's sizes sm., md., and lg., Boys'/Men's Slippers in sizes xsm., sm., md., and lg., Girls' Slippers in sizes sm., md., and lg., and Toddlers' Slippers in sizes sm., md., and lg., all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2860 MILE-A-MINUTE COLLECTION ($7.00) Summer Memories, Charming, Teatime, Graceful, Western Classic, Country Cozy, Peaceful Reflection, Garden Beauty, Special Moments, Stately Elegance, Tranquility, and Quiet Weekend, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2861 AFGHANS BY THE DOZEN - RIPPLES ($7.00) by Anne Halliday; Romantic, Nostalgic, Amethyst, Casual, Peaceful, Timeless, Cozy, Classic, Country, Regal, Garden, and Ranch, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2862 DANDY DISHCLOTHS ($5.00) 21 patterns for square dishcloths, all in worsted wt. cotton

LA2863 SWEET AS A ROSE BABY AFGHANS ($4.50) by Anne Halliday; Slumber Roses, Cuddletime Roses, Pretty-in-Pink Roses, Ruffled Roses, and Rock-a-Bye Roses, all in sport wt. yarn

LA2864 STITCH-A-WEEK AFGHAN ($7.00) patterns for 52 sampler blocks with instructions for an afghan, in worsted wt. yarn

LA2865 BABY STEPS ($6.00) Baby Bright, Spring Delight, Playful Pastels, Cuddletime, Star Bright, Sweet as a Rose, Fancy Feet, Summer Sweet, Peachy Keen, Delicate Daisies, Perfectly Pink, and Summer Fun, basic bootie pattern with variations in the cuff and top, in baby fingering wt. yarn

LA2866 PATCHWORK AFGHANS THRU THE YEAR ($7.00) by Martha Brooks Stein; Butterfly at the Cross, Gotta Have Heart, Trip to Ireland, Tulip Patch, Card Tricks, Trip Around the Country, Nine Patch Americana, Rail Fence, Spools of Color, Leaves of Autumn, Dutch Rose, and Christmas Tree Lot, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2874 BIG BOOK OF LITTLE DOILIES ($12.00) by Patricia Kristoffersen; 25 patterns for doilies, sizes 4-1/2" to 9", with several square of oval. These are very unusual for small doilies, not just little motifs; in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2875 MAGNETS FOR THE HOLIDAYS ($5.00) by Carolyn Pfeifer; Little puffy shapes: New Year's Clock, Valentine Face, Pot of Gold, Easter Egg Chick, Easter Bunny, Fourth of July Balloons, Scarecrow, Jack-o-Lantern & Friends, Halloween Cat, Pilgrims, Gingerbread Man, Christmas Tree, and Santa Claus, all in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2876 99 EDGINGS ($10.95) edgings range from very simple to elaborate, with instructions for gauge swatch with each, all in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2879 ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS DOILIES ($8.95) by Patricia Kristoffersen; I think the designer's name should have been on the outside of the leaflet and not on the inside - these are the most intricate doilies I've seen in a long time; lots of overlay stitching. I've done the first 6 and each of these (I assume the easiest!) took concentration. 18 patterns from 11-1/2" to 19-1/2", including 2 ovals, all in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2880 COASTERS WITH HEART ($4.50) by Shobha Govindan; small coasters with heart motifs, some filet, some shapes, for a total of 7, all in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2882 CHRISTENING ENSEMBLE ($6.00) by Kay Meadors; Gown or dress, Booties, Bonnet, Headband, Bib, Album Cover, Pacifier Holder, New Testament Cover, and Bottle Cover, all in bedspread wt. cotton


LA2886 BABY GRANNIES ($5.50) by Anne Halliday; Nighty-Night Granny, Naptime Granny, Soft & Cozy Granny, Bye-Bye Granny, Peek-a-Boo Granny, and Playtime Granny, all in sport wt. yarn

LA2887 LEARN TO CROCHET 24 PATTERN STITCHES ($6.00) by Valesha Marshell Kirksey; all these pattern stitches are used to make quick & easy dishcloths, all in worsted wt. cotton

LA2889 OUR BEST THREAD CROCHET ($14.95) There are 46 projects in this leaflets, more if you include several variations; all are from past Leisure Arts publications, so some may be familiar. If, like myself, you've been collecting L.A. patterns since the dark ages, you will probably have most of them, but some of them are new to me. 128 pages

LA2890 ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS BOOK 2 ($5.50) by Ann Kirtley; Majesty, Grandeur, Splendor, Glory, and Grace, all one-piece solid-color afghans with elaborate borders, in worsted wt. yarn

LA2891 AFGHAN "PURR-FECTION" ($6.50) by Anne Halliday; Meow Medley, Catnap Cables, Sassy Cat Stripes, Calico Cats (color changes make cat silhouette), Purr-Fect Stripes, Cat's Meow, Kitty Cat Comfort, Simply Kitty (cluster st cats), Kitty's Garden Path, and Kitty Cat Clusters (cluster st. cats), all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2895 GRANNIES BY DESIGN ($5.50) by Anne Halliday; Victorian Granny, Serene, Nostalgic, Tranquil, and Garden, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2896 MORE QUICK AND EASY CROCHETED SWEATERS ($6.00) by Mary Jane Protus; Vest, Tee Top, Pullover, and Jacket in women's sizes xsm., sm.,md.,lg., and xlg., all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2898 PRETTY & PUFFY BABY AFGHANS ($5.50) by Anne Halliday; Diagonal Puffs, Pretty Squares, Puffy Bobbles, Pretty Panels, Pretty Bobbles, and Pretty & Puffy, all in sport wt. yarn



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