Leisure Arts Leaflets

Jennie Gaskin
Pitkin, La.

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Leisure Arts leaflets LA2351 through LA2695

LA2351 RUGS & RUNNERS ($3.50) by Anne Halliday; Diamonds, Clusters, Cross Stitch, Picots, Lacy Diamonds, and Shells, in 3 strands of worsted wt. yarn.

LA2354 AWAY IN A MANGER ($5.00) by Cindy Harris; The Holy Family, Angel, Wisemen, Shepherds, Camel, Lamb, and Donkey, in worsted wt. yarn.

LA2355 HOLIDAY BABY BIBS ($3.00) by Delores Chamblin; bibs with worked in patterns for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, all in worsted wt. cotton.

LA2358 BATHROOM TISSUE TOPPERS ($3.00) by Delores Chamblin; Heart, Checked, Shell Ruffle, Plaid, Dotted, Flower, Variegated, and Rainbow spare roll toppers, in worsted wt. yarn.

LA2367 A "BEARY" MERRY CHRISTMAS ($3.50) by Becky Stevens; Uses the 1" flocked bears with: Toboggan, Drum, Sleigh, Large Hat, Tote, Teacup, Skis, Wreath, Saucer Sled, Toy Sack, Mitten, Basket, Sled, Cornucopia, Candy Cane, and Stocking, all in bedspread wt. cotton.


LA2380 DRESS-UP DOLLS ($4.50) by Alexander-Stratton Designs; Pirate, Hobo, Indian Princess, Witch, Court Jester, and Clown for 13" doll, all in worsted wt. yarn.


LA2382 A YEAR OF AFGHANS BOOK FOUR ($6.50) 12 different for afghans in worsted wt. yarn.


LA2391 QUICK CROCHET AFGHANS BOOK FIVE ($3.50) by Carole Rutter Tippett; Wheel, Swirl, Triangle, and Hexagon, all in 2 strands of worsted wt. yarn.

LA2395 THREAD COASTERS ($4.00) by Shobha Govindan; 12 different motif-sized patterns in bedspread wt. cotton.

LA2396 DOORSTOP CRITTERS ($4.50) by Sue Penrod; Lamb, Hen with Chicks, Bear, Bunny, Dog, Pig and Piglets, and Cats, in worsted wt. yarn.

LA2421 ADORABLE AFGHANS FOR BABY ($3.50) by Anne Halliday; Flowers, Lacy Clusters, Ripple, Wheels, Clusters & Stripes all in sport wt. yarn.

LA2426 BASKETS & BOWLS ($3.50) by Helen Nissen; Large & Small Bowl, Flower Girl Basket, Candy Dish, and Cachepot, all in bedspread wt. cotton.

LA2431 QUILT AFGHANS 3 ($3.50)

LA2445 TRADITIONAL BASKETS ($4.00) by Dianne Bee; Shaker Peg, Mini Fruit, Wall Basket, Gathering, Berry Picking, Envelope, and Shaker Cheese basket patterns, all in size 3 cotton crochet thread.

LA2446 DELICATE DOILIES ($4.50) by Nathalia Eberle; Fireworks, Fanfare, Pineapple Lace, Floral Fantasy, Exquisite Peaks, and Shell Burst, from 11-1/4" to 16-1/2", in bedspread wt. cotton.

LA2447 FLOWERS OF THE MONTH AFGHAN ($4.00) by Sharon Compton; basic afghan in blocks with flowers embroidered on each block, all in worsted wt. yarn and embroidery floss for flowers.

LA2448 BACK TO BASICS PULLOVERS & CARDIGANS ($5.50) set-in sleeves for child's sizes 6 to 12, in sport and worsted wt. yarn.

LA2449 FASHION DOLL HOME DECOR ($4.00) by Maggie Weldon; Bathroom Set (towels & wastebasket), Bedroom Set (linens & pillow), Afghan & Pillow, Kitchen Set (tablecloth, dishtowel, & potholder), round, rectangular, and oval rugs, all in sport wt. yarn.

LA2453 SWEET SACHETS ($3.50) by Anne Halliday; 8 little pouches tied with ribbon, all in bedspread wt. cotton.

LA2462 PENCIL TOPPERS BOOK FIVE - ALIENS ($3.50) by Sue Penrod; 12 out-of-this-world aliens, all in worsted wt. yarn.

LA2468 KITCHEN SETS ($3.50) by Jan Hatfield; Hotpad & Potholder Sets: Granny, Sunflower, Picnic, Web, Kaleidoscope, and Holiday, all in worsted wt. cotton.

LA2476 WONDERFUL MILE-A-MINUTE AFGHANS ($3.50) by Alexander-Stratton; Rolling Pebbles, Shells Around, Peaches 'n Cream, Victorian Spring, and Morning Sunrise, all in worsted wt. yarn.

LA2488 BABY LAYETTES ($5.50) by Carole Prior; Baby Boxes, Petite Popcorn, Sweet Shells, Cheerful Chevron, all with sacque, bonnet, booties, and afghan, in sport and worsted wt. yarns.

LA2494 SCRAP BAG AFGHANS ($3.50) by Carole Prior; Colorful Stripes, Hexagon Granny, Textured, Ribbons, Chevron, and Shells, all using odd amounts of worsted wt. yarn.

LA2501 52 TUNISIAN CROCHET STITCHES COMBINE TO MAKE AN AFGHAN STITCH SAMPLER ($7.00) by Dolores Franks; an excellent sampler of afghan stitches, many with illustrations, all in worsted wt. yarn.

LA2502 PINEAPPLE DOILIES BOOK 2 ($6.00) by Mary Werst; 7 doilies in sizes 15" to 22" round, and oval sizes 17"x28" and 20"x23", all in bedspread wt. cotton.

LA2515 BACK TO BASICS PULLOVERS & CARDIGANS ($5.50) adult sizes 42 to 50 with set-in sleeves in sport and worsted wt. yarns.

LA2518 CHRISTMAS CLOTHESPIN ANGELS ($3.00) by Anne Halliday; 5 designs for dresses with wings & halos to fit peg-style clothespins, in bedspread wt. cotton.

LA2520 SITTIN' PRETTY ($3.00) by Anne Halliday; Diamonds, Stripes, Wheels, and Cross Stitch Hearts chair pads, all in worsted wt. yarn.

LA2523 SKIRTING THE TREE ($3.00) by Alice Hyche; Cross Stitch, Fan Shells, Bobbles, Shells, and Lace tree skirts, all in worsted wt. yarn.


LA2537 WORSTED WEIGHT LAYETTES ($5.50) by Carole Prior; Scalloped (sacque, bonnet, booties, and afghan), Coveralls (coveralls, cap, booties, and afghan), Sweater Set (sweater, pants, cap booties, and afghan), Picot Layette (sacque, bonnet, booties, and afghan), and Bunting, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2538  Crystal Beauties ($4.00) by Anne Halliday; 14 snowflake patterns with added instructions for making them 3-dimensional by crocheting 3 snowflakes then using a special folding and gluing technique which is very well explained in the leaflet.  All in bedspread weight (size 10) cotton.

LA2546 WASH & WIPE ($3.50) by Cynthia Lane; 14 dishcloth to crochet in worsted wt. cotton

LA2548 VICTORIAN THREAD ORNAMENTS $4.00) by Anne Halliday; Ruffled Wreath, Victorian Ball, Leaf & Flower Wreath, Potpourri Pouch, Candy Cane, Snowflake, Stocking, Icicle, Nosegay, Basket, and Heart, all in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2549 A YEAR OF AFGHANS BOOK FIVE ($7.00) 12 different afghan patterns, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2556 DOILY MEDLEY ($5.50) by Delsie Rhoades; 7 round doilies from 16" to 21", 10" x 15-1/2" oval, 15-1/2" x 20" oval w/grapes, and 10"x15-1/2" oval with holly and berries, all in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2559 ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS ($4.50) by Ann Kirtley; Arbor of Grapes, M'Lady's Fans, and Queen's Trellis, all in solid colors with patterned centers and elaborate lacy borders, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2560 HOLIDAY POT HOLDERS ($3.50) by Maggie Weldon; Valentine's Heart, St. Patrick's Day (shamrock), Easter Egg, Fourth of July (flag), Halloween Pumpkin, Thanksgiving Turkey, and Christmas Stocking, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2562 LOVELY MILE-A-MINUTE AFGHANS ($4.00) by Alwxander-Stratton; Spring Meadow, Grandma's Parlor, Bouquet of Violets, Formal Garden, and Mint Ribbon, with closeup photos of the individual strip, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2563 HOOKED ON FASHION BOOK 1 ($4.50) by Mary Jane Protus; Crew Neck Pullover, Boat Neck Pullover, and Cardigan, all made with granny-style motifs on front, etc., in women's sizes sm., md., and lg., all in worsted wt. yarn (the cover says 4 sweaters, but I only find 3 and the intro. only mentions 3)

LA2567 LOVELY WREATHS ($3.50) by Anne Halliday; Shells & Roses, Holiday Picots, Pansies, Cluster Lattice, Mesh, Scallops, and Daisies, to be sewn to a 5" metal ring, all in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2571 SUMMERTIME FASHION DOLL WARDROBE ($4.50) by Marilyn Snow; 7 dresses from casual to dressy, all in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2577 WINTER PATTERNS ($5.00) afghans

LA2581 RECEIVING BLANKETS ($3.00) by Terry Kimbrough; 8 designs for adding crocheting edgings to flannel or seersucker for lightweight baby blankets, in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2582 TABLE TOPPERS FOR THE SEASONS ($4.50) by Delsie Rhoades; Tulip Garden, Ivy, Poinsettia, and Autumn Leaves, from 29" to 36" across, all in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2583 GRANNY SQUARE GARDEN ($6.00) by Anne Halliday; Roses, Daffodils, Poppies, Asters, Daisies, and Zinnias flower squares, with instructions for sampler afghan and afghans with each flower, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2590 HOOKED ON FASHION BOOK 2 ($4.50) by Mary Jane Protus; Tunic, Vest, and Pullover in women's sizes sm., md., and lg., with granny-style motifs, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2592 BABY LOVE ($3.50)

LA2593 A YEAR OF DOILIES BOOK TWO ($7.00) by Delsie Rhoades; Snowflake, Hearts, Shamrock, Bunny Filet, Spring Flowers, Wedding Bells, Stars & Bars, Sunflower, Fall Colors, Spiderweb, Tulips, and Poinsettia, all in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2594 CROCHET BOOKMARKS ($2.50) by Cindy Peecher; 7 patterns in different patterns, all in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2596 CROCHETED PANEL SWEATSHIRTS ($4.50) by Peggy Toth; Granny, Lattice & Ruffles, Basket Weave Pocket Panel, Shells & Puffs, and Diamonds, with instructions for sweatshirt preparations; some have crocheted cuffs, collars, front & sleeve trims, etc., in worsted wt. yarn

LA2601 GRANNY SQUARE DISHCLOTHS ($3.00) by Shobha Govindan; 5 different for dishcloths, 4 are one-piece and 1 is motifs, all in worsted wt. cotton

LA2604 PASTEL PATTERNS FOR BABY ($6.50) by Carol Holding; 7 aran patterns for pillows, blankets, and wraps, all in sport wt. yarn

LA2605 TOYS FOR TYKES ($4.50) by Cindy Harris; Mouse (15"), Lion (16"), Bunny (18"), Giraffe (19"), and Elephant (13"), all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2607 FLOWER GARDEN FRIDGIES ($4.50) by Terry Kimbrough; Coneflower, Hibiscus, Flowers in Basket, Morning Glory, Sunflowers, Striped Butterfly, Ruffled Wings Butterfly, Ladybug, Bumble, Dragonfly, Hummingbird, Frog, Rabbit, Hat, Birdhouse, and Sunbonnet, all in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2610 BLANKETS & BUDDIES ($4.50) by Beth Ann Webber; Baby Blankets with Animals with Matching Clothes: Bear Set, Doll Set, and Bunny Set, all in sport & worsted wt. yarns

LA2611 CLASSIC COASTERS ($4.50) by Terry Kimbrough; 12 different patterns for coasters, all in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2613 FIRESIDE FAVORITES ($4.50) by Melissa Leapman; Christmas Eve, Autumn Sunset, Cinnamon Sticks, Crackling Corn, Burning Embers, and Houndstooth, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2614 LULLABY LAYETTES ($6.50) by Alice Hyche; Shells, Squares, Bubbles, and Blocks, all with pattern for sacque, bonnet, booties, and afghan, all in sport wt. yarn

LA2620 QUICK COMFORT ($4.00)

LA2624 CLASSIC CROCHETED CARDIGANS ($4.50) by Donna Scully; Lace, Cable, and Shells, in women's sizes sm., md., and lg., all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2625 UNIQUE BOOKMARKS ($2.50) by Sue Penrod; Butterfly Chain, Flag, Chain of Stars, Rainbow & Sun, Shells, Heart Chain, and Flower Chain, all in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2627 MILE-A-MINUTE BAZAAR ($5.50) by Jan Hatfield; Placemat, Dishcloths, Table Runner, Afghan, Baby Afghans, Muffler, Lap Robe, Shawl, Stadium Blanket & Cover (pouch for blanket), and Rugs, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2628 BABY'S KEEPSAKE AFGHANS ($4.50) by Ann Kirtley; Lace Diamonds, Tiny Fans, Sweetheart Lace, Sweet Dreams, and Irish Chain, in solid color with lacy borders, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2629 THE COUNTRY LOOK ($6.00) by Eleanor Albano; Rustic Touch, Patriotic Pride, Victorian Charm, Amish Beauty, Country Blues, Western Wrap, and Country Lane, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2630 BABY, IT'S COLD OUTSIDE ($3.50) by Doris Fones; Boy's Set & Girl's Set for sweater and cap, for sizes 1, 2, and 4, in sport wt. yarn


LA2632 DOWN A COUNTRY LANE ($6.00) Brown-eyed Susans, Down a Country Lane, Forget-Me-Not Bouquet, Fresh as a Daisy, Queen Anne's Lace, Sunny Marigolds Morning Glory, and Busy Lizzies, all in worsted wt. yarn


LA2639 GRANNIES FOR BABY BOOK 2 ($4.00) by Sue Schult; Granny's Popcorn, Granny's Girl, Rainbow of Color, Granny's Boy, and Candy Popcorn, all in sport wt. yarn

LA2641 VESTS IN VOGUE ($5.50) by Kay Meadors; 4 vests for women's sizes sm., md., and lg. using motifs and 1 using filet-type work, all in sport wt. yarn

LA2644 A PASSION FOR PINEAPPLES ($5.00) by Delsie Rhoades; 4 round doilies (14", 20", 24", and 32") and 1 oval doily (19" x 26") in bedspread wt. cotton


LA2648 LOVELY HEIRLOOM DOILIES ($6.50) by C. Strohmeyer; Rosalie (14-1/2"), Diana (16-1/2"), Annabelle (19-1/2"), Ophelia (14"), Kathleen (14-1/2" sq.), Gina (14-1/2"), Clarice (17-1/2"), and Marjorie (11"), in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2653 RUSTIC WARMTH ($7.00) Fisherman's Comfort, Log Cabin, Buffalo Check, Deer Run, Mountain Trails, Evergreen Retreat, Camp Blanket, Indian Wrap, and Winter Blocks, all very masculine afghans, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2658 QUICK & EASY DOILIES ($3.50) by Cindy Peecher; 5 small doilies from 8" to 9-1/4", all in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2661 CELEBRATE WITH FRIDGIES ($3.50) by Sue Penrod; Father time, Santa Claus, Leprechaun, Cupid, Uncle Sam, Bunny, Snowman, Witch, Pilgrim Couple, and Bat, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2663 TUNICS & TOPS ($4.50) by Lee Tribett; 3 open, lacy patterns for women's sizes sm., md., and lg., each design with instructions for sport or worsted wt. yarns

LA2666 LOTS MORE WASH & WIPES ($4.50) by Rosetta Harshman; 16 square dishcloths in worsted wt. cotton

LA2667 HUG ME SOFTLY ($4.50) by Carole Prior; Mile-a-Minute, Shells, Lacy Ripple, Crown Panels, Pastel Bands, and Flowered Granny, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2674 CROCHETED CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS ($3.50) by Maggie Weldon; Sock-shaped: Striped, Snowman (applique), Santa (applique), and Checked, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA2678 LULLABY MILE-A-MINUTE AFGHANS ($3.50) by Jennine Korejko; 6 patterns for baby afghans, all in sport wt. yarn

LA2679 SWEET CHRISTMAS ANGELS ($5.50) by Beth Ann Webber; Treetop Angel (9-1/2"), Angel Head & Wings (6-1/2"x12"), Angel (9-1/2"), Angel Ornaments (5"), Angel Lapel Pin (3"), in sport wt. yarn and bedspread wt. cotton

LA2683 SIMPLY SNOWFLAKES ($3.50) by Helen Milinovich Milton; 14 snowflakes in 1 to 4 rounds in size, all in bedspread wt. cotton

LA2688 THE FACES OF CHRISTMAS ($3.50) by Carolyn Pfeifer; Girl, Mrs. Claus, Santa Claus, Soldier, Angel, Elf, Bear, Snowman, and Reindeer faces, in worsted wt. yarn

LA2690 CHRISTMAS CHARACTERS TO CROCHET ($6.00) by Tammy Kreimeyer; Santa Claus (19"), Snowman (14"), Mrs. Claus (18"), Reindeer (19"), and Elf (19") dolls, all crocheted in rag strips.

LA2692 CHRISTMAS STARS ($3.50) by Anne Halliday; 9 snowflake-like star shapes, all in bedspread wt. cotton.

LA2695 SO SIMPLE VESTS ($5.50) by Mary Jane Protus; 4 easy sc vests in women's sizes sm., md., and lg., with cross stitch accents, in sport wt. yarn.



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