Leisure Arts Leaflets

Jennie Gaskin
Pitkin, La.

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Leisure Arts leaflets LA2005 through LA2336



LA2015 LOVELY LACE TOPS ($3.00) by Terry Kimbrough; Granny, Solid and Lacy motifs, with instructions for different edgings for lower edge, neck, and armholes, all in bedspread wt. cotton.

LA2019 LAYETTES FOR BABY ($5.50) by Carole Prior; V-Stitch, Post Stitch, Puff Stitch, and Shells Sets, with Sacque, bonnet and booties in sport wt. yarn, and blanket in worsted wt. yarn.

LA2026 SHOWER GIFTS FOR BABY ($3.00) by Jackie Mooneyham; Bonnet, Bottle Cover, Mary Jane Booties, Pacifier Holder, Baseball Cap, Bowtie, Sneaker Booties, Hairbow, Bibs, all in bedspread wt. cotton.

LA2029 BEST BAZAAR ($4.00) Chair Pincushion, Tic-Tac-Toe Board, Checkerboard, Elephant Placemat, Country Heart Rug, Country Goose Kitchen Ensemble (potholder, double handed mitt), Strawberry Placemat & Napkin Ring, Thread Basket, Bobo Clown Jar Lid, and Happy Clown Jar Lid, all in worsted wt. yarn and cotton.

LA2038 LET IT SNOW! ($3.00) by Faye Shelton; 10 Snowflakes with instructions for making them 3-Dimensional by using 2 together, in bedspread wt. cotton.

LA2039 FANCY FEET ($3.00) by Debra Nettles; edgings and appliques for socks: Chicken Little, Cactus, Flower Wheel, Alphabet Fun, Rainbow Treasure, Bow, Tennis, Double Ruffle, Butterfly Frolic, Music Anyone?, Play with Numbers, and Cat's Meow, all in bedspread wt. cotton.

LA2041 ALLELUIA ANGELS ($3.00) by Jeanette Black; Brilliance, Glory, Splendor, and Radiance all 11" tall, in bedspread wt. cotton.



LA2057 MINIATURE BEARS ($3.50) by Sue Penrod; Ballerina, Elf, Santa, Angel, Girl, and Boy in bedspread wt. cotton.

LA2058 NOT A CREATURE WAS STIRRING ($4.00) Santa Jar Cover, Christmas Wreath, Santa's Helper (12" mouse with light string), Snowman Jar Cover, Panda Bear, Mr. & Mrs. Snowman, Yo yo Wreath and Candy Cane, in bedspread wt. cotton and worsted wt. yarn, plus 2 knit patterns.

LA2067 DECORATIVE HOLIDAY AFGHANS ($3.00) by Anne Halliday; Wreaths (squares), Trees (squares), and Ripple, all in worsted wt. yarn.

LA2068 IT'S SNOWING! ($3.00) by Faye, Shelton; 10 dimensional snowflakes, all in bedspread wt. cotton.

LA2077 DISHCLOTHS ($4.95) 15 dishcloths and a pot scrubber, all in worsted wt. cotton.

LA2080 CUTE CRITTERS ($3.00) Playful Pup, Lazy Lion, Tippy Turtle, Daisy Dinosaur, Ellie Elephant, and Gooney Bird, with body crocheted around a hosiery container, all in worsted wt. yarn.

LA2089 LAP ROBES ($3.50) Stadium Robe & Tote, Lacy, Bobbles & Crosses, and Pockets, Pockets (with various sizes of pockets on it), all in worsted wt. yarn.

LA2093 TODAY'S DOILIES ($4.00) by C. Strohmeyer; 8 doilies from 13" to 16", all in bedspread wt. cotton.


LA2101 HAT & SCARF SETS BOOK 2 ($3.00) by Brooke Shellflower; Fashion Set and Glamour Set, plus 2 knit sets, all in worsted wt. yarn.

LA2102 AFGHANS FOR BABY BOOK THREE ($4.50) by Mary Lamb Becker; Petal Stripes, Sunshine, Fenced-In Daisy, Candy Clouds, Blue Sky, Pretty Flowers, Sweet Dreams, Diamond Cluster, and Crib Cover, all in worsted wt. yarn.

LA2105 HOLIDAY CANDLE CLIMBERS ($4.00) by Joan Beebe; 4-5" figures with candle rings behind that slip over the candle: Valentine Bear, Leprechaun, Easter Bunny, Betsy Ross, Uncle Sam, Witch, Mr. & Mrs. Pilgrim, Santa Claus, and Toy Soldier, all in bedspread wt. cotton.

LA2108 DECORATING VICTORIAN ($4.50) by JoAnn Maxwell; Heart Wall Hanging, Small Heart, Bell, Large Parasol, Small Parasol, Fan, Charlotte (9" doll), Basket, Potpourri Ball, Small Hat, Large Hat, and Slippers, all in bedspread wt. cotton.

LA2113 VICTORIAN ROSE ACCESSORIES ($4.00) by Lissa Ammann; Three Rose Barrette, Rose Comb, Family tissue Box, Boutique Tissue Box, Hosiery Bag, Round Sachet, Fan Comb, Rose Barrette, Round Picture Frame, Rectangular Picture Frame, Shoe Clips, Treasure Box, Fan Sachet, Jewelry Bag, and Purse Tissue Cover, all in bedspread wt. cotton.


LA2119 HOLIDAY MAGNETS ($3.00) by Carolyn Pfeifer; Snowman, Ghost, Jack-o-Lantern, Angel, Stocking, Wreath, Snowflake, Easter Basket, Irish Derby, Pumpkin, Double, Hearts, and Patriotic Button, all in bedspread wt. Cotton.

LA2120 A YEAR OF DOILIES ($6.50) by C. Strohmeyer; Serendipity (oval), Pale Crocus, Circle-in- the-Square, Tiffany, Sweet Dreams (unusual oval), White Blossom (square), Summer Sun, Sea Shells, Welcoming Oval, Graceful Autumn, Crowning Glory (rectangle), Snow Flurry, all in bedspread wt. cotton.

LA2126 CROCHETED KISSY CRITTERS ($3.00) by Sue Penrod; Frog, Duck, Raccoon, Elephant, Lion, Dog, Bear, Panda, Tiger, Cat, Pig, and Rabbit, all using plastic canvas for shape, all in worsted wt. yarn.

LA2127 LACE SUNCATCHERS ($4.00) by Shobha Govindan; 8 snowflake-like designs using 5", 7", and 8" metal rings, all in bedspread wt. cotton.

LA2131 A YEAR OF AFGHANS BOOK TWO ($6.50) each month is a different for a total of 12 patterns, all in worsted wt. yarn.

LA2143 LACE BOXES ($4.00) by Maggie Weldon; Square Hinged, Loop Stitch, Six Point, Pineapple Stitch, Lace Heart, Cluster Stitch Irish Rose Granny, and Double Heart, all have lids, in bedspread wt. cotton.

LA2146 63 "MORE" EASY-TO-CROCHET PATTERN STITCHES COMBINE TO MAKE AN HEIRLOOM AFGHAN ($7.50) a great addition to LA555, with 63 new stitches, all in worsted wt. yarn, with instructions for creating an afghan.

LA2156 DECORATING VICTORIAN BOOK TWO ($3.50) by Terri Johnson; Treasure Box, Victorian Boots (sm, md, &lg), Pitcher & Bowl, Lady (bust), Thimbles, Swing, Suncatchers, all in bedspread wt. cotton.

LA2159 SCRAP YARN AFGHANS BOOK TWO ($5.00) Granny's Daughter, Lace & Bobbles, Stained Glass Stripes, Sampler Stripes, Flower Quilt, Reflections, and Flower Garden, all in worsted wt. yarn.

LA2169 COTTON POTHOLDERS ($3.50) by Kay Fisher Meadors; Scalloped Flower, Bread of Life, Lace Ripple, Ice Cream Cones, Lemon or Lime, Houndstooth, Bobbled Square, Pineapple, Rose, and Rose of Texas, all in worsted wt. cotton.

LA2171 MORE LACE SUNCATCHERS ($4.00) by Maggie Weldon; Pretty Posies, Double Heart, Heart Ring, Pineapple Star, Winter Visions, Dainty Lace, Shadows, and Sunburst, using 4" to 9" and heart- shaped rings, all in bedspread wt. cotton.

LA2172 FASHION DOLL DRESSES ($5.00) by Lucille LaFlamme; Tea, Fiesta, Party, Peplum, Silhouette, Sun, and Tiered Dresses, plus accessories, all in bedspread wt. cotton.

LA2177 PINEAPPLE DOILIES ($6.00) by Margaret Rost; Delicate Pineapple, Pineapple Pinwheel, Pineapple Square, Pineapple Crown (raised pineapples), Elegant Pineapple, double Pineapples (oblong), Pineapples & Picots (oblong), and Pineapple Petals, sized from 10" to 20", in bedspread wt. cotton.

LA2178 AFGHANS FOR BABY BOOK FOUR ($3.50) by Anne Halliday; Wavy Stripes, Pastel Blocks, Yellow Stripes, Cluster Diamonds, and Pastel Stripes, in sport and worsted wt. yarns.


LA2194 CROCHET CHIC ($4.50) by Eunice Svinicki; Rose Filet (pullover), Square Neck (pullover), V Neck (pullover) and Cardigan (long sleeved), all in sport wt. yarn.

LA2207 REMINISCENT OF CHRISTMAS PAST ($6.00) by JoAnn Maxwell; Centerpiece Angel (13"), Picot Heart, Baby Carriage, Small Angels, High Heel Slippers, Baby Shoes, Candy Cane, Picot Candy Cane, Small Hats, Potpourri Ball, Fans, Bells, Dove, Scalloped Heart, Small Basket, and Large Basket, in bedspread wt. cotton3

LA2211 AFGHANS FOR BABY BOOK FIVE ($4.50) Flower Trellis, Lacy Edge, Shaded Ripple, Sweet Dreams, Hugs and Kisses, Granny Ruffles, and Balloons, in fingering, sport, and worsted wt. yarns

LA2223 STRICTLY AFGHANS ($4.00) by Anne Halliday; Horizontal Stripes, Cluster Diamonds, Textured Bands, Lace Stripes, Cluster Stripes, and Checkerboard, in worsted wt. yarn.

LA2231 VERSATILE DOILIES ($4.50) by Margaret Rost; Doily Sets: Blossoms (2 pcs.), Elegance (2 pcs.), Lacy Scallops (5 pcs.), Morning Glory (2 pcs.), and Pink Champagne (4 pcs.), all in bedspread wt. cotton.

LA2234 MAGNIFICENT MILE-A-MINUTE AFGHANS ($4.00) by Jan Hatfield; Prairie Fence, English Garden, Ribbon Baskets, Indian Autumn, Country Carnival, rose Rhapsody, and Grandma's Lace, each pattern has a closeup photo of the individual strip, all in worsted wt. yarn.

LA2242 MORE BOOTIES FOR BABY ($4.00) by Terry Kimbrough; Teddy Bear, Lace-UP, Jack-o- Lantern, Heart, Patriotic, Victorian, Santa, Turkey, and Bunny, all in bedspread wt. cotton.

LA2255 A TOUCH OF VICTORIAN ($3.00) by Jennie Black; 8 crocheted ball ornaments to cover 3" foam ball, in bedspread wt. cotton.

LA2260 RAINBOW BABY AFGHANS ($4.50) by Rose Marie Brooks; Fans, Shells & V-Stitch, Bobbles & Eyelet, Shell Blocks, Ripple, and Diagonal, all in baby fingering wt. yarn.

LA2262 STAR DOILIES ($4.50) by Lissa Anmann; Fancy Fans, Double Dutch, Her Royal Majesty, Sunburst, In Full Bloom, and Shell Spray, from 13-1/2" to 20", in bedspread wt. cotton.

LA2276 QUICK CROCHET RIPPLE AFGHANS BOOK 2 ($3.50) by Carole Rutter Tippett; String of Pearls, Harmony, Royal Palm, Sand and Pearls, and Shades of Spring, all in 2 strands of worsted wt. yarn.


LA2283 FOR BABY 2 ($3.50)

LA2284 PRETTY TOWELS ($3.50)

LA2297 SACHETS ($3.00) by Anne Halliday; Lattice, Picot, Pineapple, Spider, Shell, and Daisy potpourri "pouches", all in bedspread wt. cotton.

LA2298 BIRD CAGES ($3.00) by Dianne Bee; Square Cage, Lantern, Large Round Cage, and Small Round Cage, all in bedspread wt. cotton.

LA2300 MINI-MOTIF BABY AFGHANS ($3.50) by Judy Bolin; Nine-Patch, Flower Garland, Diagonal Granny, Polka Dots, and Rainbow Diamonds, all using join-as-you-go method, in sport wt. yarn.

LA2306 PILLOW KIDS ($4.00) by Anne Halliday; Boy and Girl, with hair and clothing variations, in worsted wt. yarn.

LA2313 MORE "FRIDGIES" FOR FUN! ($3.00) by Betty Waldbieser; Redbird, Lone Coyote, Spooky Night, Bluebird, Cactus, Pumpkins, Elephant, Robin, Scaredy Cat, Autumn Leaves, Acorn, U.S.A., all in worsted wt. yarn.


LA2335 UNIQUE BABY AFGHANS ($4.50) by Rose Marie Brooks; Shells & Braids, Diagonal, Mile-a-Minute, Frosty Diamonds, Peek-a-Boo Ripple, and Dreamy Squares, all using chain loop braiding (very unusual), in sport wt. yarn.

LA2336 MORE MAGNIFICENT MILE-A-MINUTE AFGHANS ($4.00) by Jan Hatfield; Blue Skies, Royal Ruffles, Ropes of Jade, Sand & Surf, Chocolate Mousse, Berry Parfait, Icicles, and Summer Sherbet, each with closeup photos of the individual strips, in worsted wt. yarn.



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