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Jennie Gaskin
Pitkin, La.

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Leisure Arts leaflets LA903 through LA1509

LA903 SNOWBALLS ($2.00) by Faye Shelton; 9 designs for 3-4" balls that are stiffened on balloons and when dry the balloon is deflated, all in bedspread wt. cotton

LA907 ANGELS ($3.00)

LA910 CHRISTMAS GRANNY AFGHANS ($2.00) by Sue Schult; Joy, Holly, and Noel are all nice variations on the granny, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA916 AFGHANS FOR BABY ($3.00) by Carole Prior; Ripple, Cable & Cross, and Star Stitch, plus 3 knit patterns, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA921 DRAFT DOLLS ($3.00) by Kathleen Bernier Williford; Boy & Girl Dolls, Rabbits, and Cats, that hang from a doorknob when not in use (legs are draftdodger part), all in worsted wt. yarn

LA922 QUICK CROCHET TREE SKIRTS ($3.00) by Mary Lamb Becker; Popcorns, Stripes, Picot Edge, and Shell Border, all in 2 strands of worsted wt. yarn

LA934 DOG SWEATERS ($5.50) by Carol Carvalho; Basic, Stripes, Turtleneck, Plaids, Pink Lady, and Grannies, plus several knit patterns, with instructions for measuring your dog and 12 sizes, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA941 BABY GROWS UP ($3.50) by Terry Kimbrough; Aran Cardigan, Placket Neck Pullover, Lace Panel Crewneck, and Lacy Cardigan, all in sizes 3 to 24 months, all in baby fingering wt. yarn

LA943 A VERY FINE COLLECTION OF POTHOLDERS ($2.00) by Linda Luder; Popcorn flower, Cluster, Starburst, Sunburst, Starflower, and Star. These look like doilies front and back, with a liner of batting and contrasting fabric. All in bedspread wt. cotton.

LA944 SOFT TOUCHES TO CROCHET ($3.00) by Darla Sims; Raised Diamonds (vest), Tiered Triangles (pullover), and Striped Yoke (pullover) in women's sizes sm, md., and lg, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA960 COUNTRY BUNNIES ($3.00) by Cheryl DeVeronica; Girl & Boy Bunnies (17") with dress, apron, pantelettes, overalls, and hat, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA966 THREAD TISSUE BOX COVERS ($2.50) by Cathy Hardy; Ripple (reg. & family sizes), Pineapples & Shells (boutique), Shells (boutique), and Tailored Classic (reg. & family), all in bedspread wt. cotton

LA972 ELEGANT CROCHETED DOILIES ($3.50) by C. Strohmeyer; Starshine, Tempest, Royal Flash, Rondelay, Midnight Sun, Blossom time, Nina, and Donegal, from 13-1/2" to 17", all in bedspread wt. cotton

LA977 VICTORIAN AFGHANS ($3.00) by Rena Stevens; Queen Anne's Lace, Fan Shells, and Flowers & Lace, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA978 PRETTY CROCHETED POTHOLDERS ($2.00) by Linda Luder; Pineapple, Lacy Cluster, Picot Square, Swirl, Popcorn Fan, and Daisy Wheel. These look like doilies front and back, with a liner of batting, and contrasting fabric. All in bedspread wt. cotton

LA994 FIESTA FLAIR ($2.00) by Kay Fisher Meadors; Desert Plains, Oasis, Santa Fe, and Canyon are Placemats and Napkin Rings, all in worsted wt. cotton

LA997 HOME ACCENTS ($3.00) by Wayne Bright; Fruit Bowl, Small Bowl, Tiered Bowl, Lacy Bowl, Shell Basket, Easter Basket, and Hat, all in bedspread wt. cotton



LA1090 QUICK CROCHET THROW RUGS ($2.50) by Sue Penrod; Watermelon slice, Round, Heart, Oval, and Tartan Plaid Rectangle, all in 2 strands of rug yarn

LA1098 DOORKNOB COVERS ($2.50) by Sue Penrod; Chicken, Goose, Bear, Rabbit, Mouse, Clown, Snowman, and Wreath, some with front and back, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA1143 COUNTRY PILLOWS ($2.00) by Sue Penrod; Hearts, Star, Tulips, Basket, and Churn Dash all in sc and popcorn st. for a candlewick look, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA1167 FOR THE COUNTRY HOME ($2.00) by Sandra Graham Case; Heart & Home, Diamond, and Duck Afghans, in filet crochet, all in worsted wt. cotton

LA1172 SLICE OF COUNTRY RUGS TO CROCHET ($2.00) by Sally Paul; Round Watermelon Slice, Watermelon Wedge, and Watermelon Heart, all in fabric strips

LA1209 RAG COLLARS TO CROCHET BOOK 1 ($2.00) by Catherine Brian Spann; detachable collars from fabric strips with fabric strip fringe

LA1222 FLOOR DECOR ($2.00) by Sue Penrod; Loop Rug, Ripple Rug, and Oval Rug, all in 2 strands of worsted wt. cotton

LA1233 SOUTHWEST AFGHANS TO CROCHET ($4.00) Tweed Stripe, Basket weave, Sculptured X, Indian Images, Cross Stitch, Santa Fe, Striped Diamond, and Solid Diamond, all in worsted wt. yarn

LA1276 OLD-FASHIONED POTHOLDERS TO CROCHET ($2.00) by Terry Kimbrough; Flower Garden, Two-Colored Square, Filet Heart, Coffee Pot, Dress, Granny Square, and Pineapple, all in bedspread wt. cotton


LA1338 TOUCHED BY NATURE ($2.00) by Kay Fisher Meadors; Mimosa Blossom Afghan, Autumn Leaves Afghan, and Evergreen Afghan, all in 2 strands of worsted wt. yarn

LA 1350 COLOR ME QUICK ($2.00) by Terry Kimbrough; Block Afghan, Mesh Afghan, and Cable Afghan, all in 2 strands of worsted wt. yarn

LA1357 HOLLY BEARS ($4.50) by Karen G. Williams; 5-1/2" crocheted with fabric outfits: Ballerina, Baseball, Camper, Cheerleader, Farmer, Fisher, Gardener, Hunter, Quilter, Skater, Skier, Stitcher, and Tennis Player, bear in worsted wt. yarn

LA1373 NOSTALGIC POTHOLDERS ($2.00) by Terry Kimbrough; Stripes, Popcorn Hexagon, Popcorn Star, Checkerboard Square, Sunflower, and Patchwork Star, all in bedspread wt. cotton

LA1414 FLOWERS AT YOUR FEET ($2.50) BY Terry Kimbrough; Square Motif, Flower (pansy), and round, all in fabric strips

LA1422 ROCK-A-BUY WRAPS ($4.50) by Terry Kimbrough; Forget-Me-Not, Baby Blanket, Sugar & Spice, Simply Soft, and Welcome Home Afghans, all in baby wt. yarn

LA1509 FIFTY BEAUTIFUL EDGINGS ($7.50) by Terrn Kimbrough; widths given for each edging in size 10, 20, and 30 bedspread wt. cotton, florals, filet, etc.

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