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Elizabeth Hiddleson's fabulous thread crochet designs!

Item Number Title/Price Description

Cluny doily, Sea Treasure doily, June Roses filet scarf (13x35"), Crown of Thorns (9x15"), Crown of Thorns doily, Princess pineapple tablecloth (60x80" in size 20 thread), Spider set square and rectangle, and Spider Whirl doily.

Double Pineapple doily, Practical TV filet scarf (12x30"), Eclipse doily, Spider doily, A Dozen Pineapples doily, Rose Scarf filet (12x30"), Spring Flower motif, Cluny Lace doily, Pineapple tablecloth (62" in size 10 thread), Little Square doily, and Sea Shell doily.

Star Brite doily, Poppy Time filet runner (12x34"), Coral Nest doily, Kitty filet picture, Ocean Wave doily, Tablecloth and Placemats filet repeat, Spider doily, Golden Grain doily, Tablecloth filet repeat, Cluny doily, Fantail doily, Rose small filet square, and Spider Webb filet square.

Myria doily, Silver & Gold filet sampler, Pine Burr doily, Merry Christmas tree trims (7), The Cluny doily, Pineapple Centerpiece (38"), Good Morning (36"), Mountain Retreat filet picture (deer), Shell 9 Scalop doily, Good News doily, and One Evening doily.

Forest Path doily, Stars Alive filet placemat, Cluny Beauty doily, Spider Trail oval runner (18x42"), Small but Pretty doily, The Dating Game filet (birds), Broken Chain tablecloth (63" in size 10 thread), Spider Web doily, Twelve Shell doily, and Eight Shell doily.

Whirl Center doily, Petals doily, Spider Trail motif or doily, Evening Star doily, Shell doily, Let There Be Light filet picture, Shell Edge Whirl doily, Gardenia doily (2 sizes), But I'm Pretty in Colors doily, Diamond in the Rough doily, and Wagon Wheel doily.

Angel Wing 12 petal centerpiece (36"), Shell Doily, 24 Flower Wreath centerpiece (30"), Butterfly filet picture, Small 4-Pineapple doily, Tablecloth Challenge (62" in size 10 thread), Diamond Rings doily using bone rings, and Small Shell doily.

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