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Elizabeth Hiddleson's fabulous thread crochet designs!
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Sorry, all gone!

Bicentennial issue! Indian Chief filet panel, American Beauty Rose doily, "76" Flag filet panel, Pine Burr Mountain Pine doily, America the Beautiful filet panel (with eagle), Sunflower motif, Freedom filet panel with eagle, Delicate Flower square motif, Harvest Time filet panel (table grace), Bust of Washington filet piece, Sierra Pines doily, "76" Flag in sc (not filet), and Our American Heritage doily.

Rocket Whirl doily, Motif square 4 petals, Whispering Cut Work doily, Day Dreams Star Webb hex motif (rather large), Little Wheat doily, Rose of Love hex motif, Cluny Daisy doily, Celestial Shadow Star doily, Square Shell motif, Six Petal Hex motif, Six Pineapple doily, Shell Hex motif, Eight Point Filigree doily, Coral doily, Eight Point Star motif, and Eight Rings doily.

Sea Weed Bungalow mermaid filet panel, Country Road doily (34"), Angel Unaware filet panel, Tropical Sun doily, Shrimp Cocktail doily, Cluster Daisy doily, Melody of Love doily (with filet border, 34"), Seaweed Bungalow #2 (variation), Viking doily, and Pinwheel doily.

Daisy Chain oval doily, Viking doily, Ocean Wave doily, Pals in a Changing World filet panel with kitten and mouse), Morning Scene doily, Pineapple Circle doily, Pineapple oval doily, Cluny Lace doily, Upside-Down Pineapple doily, Star Bright doily, Spider's Dream doily, and Sea Weed doily.

Transparent square doily, Tri-Motif Crystal doily, Forever Yours Pineapple doily, Colonial Dame filet panel, Circle Eight doily, Tiny Snowflakes (10), Wild Irish Rose doily (30"), Six Point Irish doily, Shell Basket doily, 12 Point Doily, and Larger 12 Point doily.

Pineapple Centerpiece (30"), Filet Horse panel, Twelve Point doily, Hexagon motifs, Alicia filet oval, Four Square doily (38", unusual shape), Miss America motif (triangle), Mountain Trail doily, Ocean Blue oblong shell doily, and Young Love filet picture.

Sure Board oblong doily, Mountain Trail doily (not the same as Mountain Trail in #37), Adorable Wheel doily, Sea Weed doily, Piggy-Back Star doily (24"), Tree Decor motifs (7), Magic Tricks doily, and Tropical Circle doily.

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