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Elizabeth Hiddleson's fabulous thread crochet designs!

Item Number Title/Price Description

Mountain Home Pine Burr centerpiece (35" in size 20 thread), Sam filet bird picture, Square Pineapple doily, Lady's Dress Collar, Miniature doilies (2), Motifs (2), TV scarf motif, Bed Spread motif, A Stop to Smell the Roses filet runner (13x36"), Wagon Wheel doily, Changing Times doily, and House and Home filet saying (A house is made of sticks and stones, a home is made of love alone).

Country Square motif, Sixteen Pineapple doily, Spring Daisies doily, So Easy motif, Pineapple Field centerpiece (24"), California Garden tablecloth (66" in size 10 thread, filet roses and butterflies), Spider doily, and Beautiful Shells doily set.

Roses & Butterflies filet runner (15x24"), Cupid Lost His Arrow filet picture, Butterfly centerpiece (36" in size 10 thread), Calla Lily filet chair back, Pea Fowl filet chair back, Contentment filet runner (13x26"), Duck filet chair back, Easter Basket filet chair back, Allover filet design, Pea Fowl filet picture, and Rose filet scarf (13x31").

All collars: Dew Drop collar, Beauty Lace collar, The Vanna collar, Pineapple V-Neck collar, Picot Shells collar, Sachet motif, and Small Butterfly lapel pin, Fair Lady Collar, and 10 Flower Edge collar.

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