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Elizabeth Hiddleson's fabulous thread crochet designs!
Item Number Title/Price Description

Spider's Circle doily, Wildflower oval doily, Meadow Dew square, Easy Lace Reverse Scallop doily, Thistle filet shaped runner, Cypress Knee Centerpiece (36"), Forest Temple butterfly filet chair set, Heart Beat doily, Hawaii Five-O pineapple chair set, Moon Rocks popcorn doily, and FiFi filet picture (sunbonnet girl and dog).

Pineapple Magic motif, Pineapple Magic oblong with roses, Circle Four doily, Round Medallion motif, Meadow Dew doily, Pineapple Surprise oval, Candle Glow doily (30"), Six Point hex medallion, Star Fish doily, Square medallion, Crystal doily, Love filet picture (cat).

Whirl Away doily, Star Lite motifs,In the Garden chair back (filet roses with monogram), Rain Drops doily, Reverse Crochet doily, Heart & Home chair back ("Home is where the heart is" filet), Rose Morning doily, Paradise Centerpiece (31"), Pine-Burr chair set, Lonesome Pine doily, and Ninety and Nine filet picture.


Sorry, all gone!

Pineapple Blend doily, Filet square motif, Frosty doily (w/ruffle), Spider Square doily, Spider Oblong doily, Pineapple Quartet square doily, Petal Ruffle doily, Challenge doily (40"), Oblong Filet doily, Star Bright doily, Star-Picot Reserve Scallop motif, Ripe and Ready doily, Oval Star doily, and May Flower doily.


Sorry, all gone!

Spun Gold doily, Dragon filet square, Delicate Dozen Pineapples doily, Star motif, Square doily, Pineapple Square motif, Oval Filet doily, Smaller Oval Filet doily, Flower motif, Beginner's Choice doily, Farmer's Delight doily (variation of Beginner's Choice), Daffodil Square motif, Bone Ring doily (uses bone rings!), and Daisy Shell motif.

Whirl Away doily, Flower Vase filet, Gate Way reverse stitch doily, Pineapple TV Scarf, Flower Vase doily shaped filet with roses, Royal Meadow doily, Pineapple Diamond Center doily, Queen Anne Lace doily (46"), Sunshine and Shadow oblong filet, Seaside Shell doily, and Butterfly Chair Back.


Sorry, all gone!

Wild Meadow doily, Pineapple Star centerpiece (30"), Sheer Beauty Butterfly filet scarf, Small Doily, Weavers Delight Spider doily, Hex shape motif, Cluny doily, Circle Four spider filet scarf, Green Hills of Home filet wall hanging, Small Doily, June filet tablecloth (worked from center, with roses and butterflies), and another small doily.

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