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Elizabeth Hiddleson's fabulous thread crochet designs!

Mrs. Hiddleson designed beautiful thread doilies, tablecloths, motifs, chair sets, filet pieces, etc. during a large part of her life. We're fortunate that she decided to publish her patterns. They were available through mail order; if you have some earlier Workbasket magazines you will undoubtedly recognize one of her leaflets advertised in it! Her directions may not be for the faint-hearted crocheter, since she wrote them during a time when many crocheters were expected to "read between the lines" but don't let that put you off trying them! All patterns are accompanied by good sharp black and white photos with close-ups of the work when she thought it would be useful; the filet pieces are not charted but worked from the actual piece. Most of her designs were done in size 20 or size 30 thread, but of course any size thread can be used - the finished size will vary. All of the volumes have a basic crochet tutorial and sometimes instructions on special techniques such as hairpin lace. Any special techniques in the patterns will be noted if I see them.

Item Number Title/Price Description

Small Ivory Doily, Oblong Tree Doily, Tropical Beauty Doily, Building Blocks Runner, Christmas Rose Doily (with beads), Flower Lake Oblong, Morning Glory Filet Runner, Frosty Doily, Hunting Scene Filet Panel, Valentine Oblong (Flower Lake with roses), Morning Star Oval in motifs, Brambles Filet Piece, Beauty Rose (40" with small rose "doilies" around outside), Easy Square, 7 edgings, and a filet alphabet.

Pineapple Lei (beautiful tablecloth 66" in #20 thread with 3 rows of sideways pineapples!), Cloth #2 has a variation on Pineapple Lei, Cathedral Window Doily, Mother's Day Slim Pineapple Doily, Bird of Paradise TV Scarf (filet), Square Dance Doily, Queen's Rose Doily, Pineapple Square, Hex Motif, Harvest Moon Doily (with beads), Round Motif, Square Filet Doily, Oblong Filet Doily, Sea Fare Doily.


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Maple Leaf filet edging, Star Cluster doily, Pond Lily filet doily (worked in wedges, 29" in size 30 thread), Pond Lily filet buffet set (12x27" runner and 16" doily), Beaded Beauty doily (uses beads), TV Scarf (adjustable in filet), Hilo Dream (43" in size 10 thread), Whispering Pine doily, Oblong Daffodil oblong filet doily, Whirl motif, Hawaii Star doily, and Snow Flake doily.



Luck Stars motif, Spring Bouquet doily, Lovely TV Scarf filet runner, Rose Window doily, Filet Flower all-over lace, Paradise Isle oval doily, Flower motif, Falling Leaves round tablecloth, Twinkle Star Rose doily, America the Beautiful filet panel, Twinkle Star No. 2 doily, Square motif, Heart Throb filet doily, Petal Square motif, Star Bright motif (beaded), Spider Over-All (filet), Bride's Garter, Bell Edge No. 1, Bell Edge No. 2, and filet alphabet.


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Limberlost Filet Butterfly Set, Golden Rings doily, Pansy doily small, Pansy doily large, Ice Blue oval doily with beads, Queen Anne oval doily, Butterfly motif, Calla Lily filet square, Rose/Daffodil filet square, Surf Board doily with beads, Surf Board oval doily with beads, Irish Capers 4 leaf & ring set with variations, Three Way set (small, large, and oblong doilies), Five Plus set (small, large, and oblong doilies), Seaweeds round and oblong doilies), Flower Center doily, and Wheel End Oblong TV scarf.


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Seven Eleven doily, Pineapple Drops square, Rose Wreath oval tablecloth (60x80 with size 20 thread, this is filet with a chart with charts for the biggest part of the pattern), Morning Chatter filet square with cloth insert), Sunshine and Shadow doily, Black Lace doily, California Yucca (58"), Pineapple Star doily, Wild Rose filet doily, Pineapple Dew doily, Quick and Easy doily, and Suddenly It's Spring filet chair set.

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