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LEARN TO DO IRISH CROCHET ($7.95) by Nan Mensinga. The first half of this leaflet is really a basic crochet tutorial, and I'm not really sure why it was included in such detail since it's the type of information found in any "how to" crochet book. The patterns included are quite lovely, although they are quite modernized versions of Irish crochet. They include: Precious Pillow (7" square), Bonnet and Dainty Booties for Baby, Sweet Rose Evening Shawl or Baby Blanket, and Doily for Dreamers with the traditional Irish crochet roses and leaves. Projects use size 10 and size 20 crochet cotton and baby fingering weight yarn.

THE ULTIMATE BOOK OF CROCHET FOR BABY ($15.95) by Darla Sims. 17 patterns for baby things, some with a decided continental flair! Check & Stripes jacket & hat (12, 18, 24 mos.), Cable Cuddles jacket & cute hat (6, 12 mos.), Crisscross Cutie crossover sweater & bonnet (6, 12, 18 mos.), Pink Precious hooded sweater (3, 6, 12, 18, 24 mos.), Peek-a-Boo blanket, Baby Blocks blanket, Honey Bear Hooded Bunting (3, 6, 9 mos.), Snowsuit Sweetie with hat (6, 18 mos.), Blooming Hooded Bunting (3, 6, 9 mos.), Preemie Layette pullover sweater, hat, and booties and tie front long gown to match (preemie, small, medium), and Footsies Afghan (color changes in sc, with bubble and berry stitch toes, look like birth certificate feet!). All made with baby sport weight yarn; each pattern gives exact yarn used.

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THE ULTIMATE BOOK OF KNIT AFGHANS ($12.95) by various designers. 19 beautiful knit afghans; 10 of them are knit in one color, letting the stitch patterns stand out, and the rest are worked with color changes, etc., to create the patterns. Made with worsted and bulky weight yarns.

COTTON SEPARATES ($8.95) by Joyce Nordstrom Six fashionable sweaters and 1 skirt, all made with size 3 Speed-Cro-Sheen. Most are unfortunately sized for only small and medium, but using a sport weight cotton might change the sizing enough to create a "large" or even an "extra large". Cabled Cardigan (sm, md), Versatile Skirt (straight, sm, md, lg) with waistband and zipper, Lovely Lacy Jacket (sm, md), Waves of Blue button front with 3/4 sleeves(sm, md, lg), Patchwork Jacket with short sleeves (sm, md), Ruby Tee pullover with short sleeve(sm, md, lg, xlg), and Sunny Shell (sm, md). Ruby Tee would, I think, make an excellent beginning clothing project because of the size range, the stitch interest, and only 2 pieces (the short sleeves are worked into the front and back pieces).

FUN*TASTIC CROCHET SWEATERS ($12.95) by Ginny Alvord-Clark Eight designs to suit just about everybody's taste! Holiday Giving (30"-44" chest) features long sleeves and a stack of gift boxes worked in at the front. Diamonds Galore (30"-44" chest) is short sleeved and has a diamond pattern on the front, all in one color. Blue Skies (30"-44" chest) has long sleeves with a pretty color pattern worked into the front and the wrists. Chenille Chains (30"-40" chest) is sleeveless with a dramatic neckline of chained strips.Spiral Sophisticate (30"-40" chest) has short sleeves with a spiral pattern worked into the front. World Traveler is a tank top (30"-36" chest) with city names worked into the front. Sentimental Hearts (30"-40" chest) is a long-sleeved cardigan (30"-40" chest) with heart patterns worked into the front (this pattern is charted!). Braided Brights (30"-44" chest) is short-sleeved with braided chains accenting the neckline, hem, and sleeve seams. All patterns use sport weight yarns, and thankfully the exact yarn brand is given.

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Four of the five designs are by Hartmut Hass, and the 5th is an adaptation by Carol Wilson Mansfield from an older ASN design. Lovely, lacy designs for showy afghans - not much good for warmth, but just right as an accent piece for an old-fashioned room. And any of these designs would make a great piece for a table, if done in bedspread weight cotton! Mr. Hass' designs are done in sport weight yarn (Lustersheen, which has the look and feel of cotton thread, but the washability of acrylic) and the 5th is in worsted weight yarn.

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CROCHET APPLIQUE FOR AFGHANS ($5.95) by Eleanor Albano-Miles Five patterns - 2 in strips, 2 in squares, and 1 in strips _and_ squares - that feature a solid color background with lots of appliqued flower or fruit crocheted pieces. Patterns are: Sweet Violets, An Apple a Day, Rose Trellis, Tulip Trios, and Tropical Medley. All are made in worsted weight yarn.

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THE LEARN TO CROCHET A SWEATER BOOK ($16.95) The first 16 pages of this 84 page book are devoted to basic crochet instructions and special helps such as seams and edgings. The patterns include Cozy Sweater Set (short sleeved shell and cardigan in sizes md. to 2-X), Easy to Wear Tunic (sizes md to 2-X), Versatile V-Stitch Pullovers (solid and striped versions in sizes md to x-lg), and Bobble Sweaters in 3 versions: bobbles all over, bobbles with ribbing, and bobbled yoke, all in sizes md. to 3-X. The layout of this book is excellent - no double columns and lots of pictures, line drawings, and diagrams to help the crocheter. All patterns are made with sport weight yarn.

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