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These are all of American School of Needlework's titles that are currently in print.

American School of Needlework leaflets ASN1201 through ASN1271

ASN1204 SAY IT IN FILET ($4.95) by Betty Phipps, Welcome, Bless Our Home, Give Thanks, God is Love, Home Sweet Home, and Your Name in Filet with alphabet, all in bedspread weight cotton.

ASN1205 HUGGY SNUGGY BABY AFGHANS ($4.95) by Maggie Weldon, RosebudFilet , Honey Bunch, Sweetie Pie, Bundle of Joy, and Precious, allone-piece, and Angels' Garden (hexagons), all in worsted weight yarn.

ASN1207 AFGHANS IN BLOOM ($4.95) by Maggie Weldon, Rosebud Pastel Square, Daisy Square, Zinnia Granny, Pansy Hexagons, Victorian Rose Hexagons, all in worsted weight yarn.

ASN1209 BABY BOUTIQUE ($4.95) by Alice Hyche, 3 layettes, all with sacque, bonnet, booties, and blanket, in baby and sport weight yarns.

ASN1211 101 CROCHET STITCHES ($16.95) Just what it says! Includes international crochet symbols and their names in English (U.S. & U.K.), French, Spanish, German, and Italian, along with illustrations of the stitches, and instructions in symbol and written out.

ASN1212 101 CROCHET EDGINGS ($16.95) Instructions for all edgings given, multiples if necessary, all written out, not in symbols.

ASN1215 ANGEL DOLLS ($4.95) by Jean Leinhauser, Rainbow, Christmas,Celestial, Peppermint, and Flower Garden angels, using 13" dolls, all in worsted weight yarn.

ASN1219 AFGHANS WITH FLAIR ($6.95) by Linda Mershon, Relaxation, Striking Stripe, Blue Inspiration, Garden Beauty, Honeycomb Splendour, and Syncopation, all in worsted weight yarn.

ASN1220 AFGHAN ROMANCE ($6.95) By Anne Kirtley, 6 one-piece afghans in solid colors, all with unusual edgings, all in worsted weight yarn.

ASN1221 AMERICAN INDIAN DOLLS ($4.95) by Jean Leinhauser, JingleDancer, Little Dove, Sky Dreamer, Sleeping Fawn, and Snow Cloud, all for the13" doll, all in worsted weight yarn.

ASN1224 UP-TO-THE-MINUTE MILE-A-MINUTE AFGHANS ($6.95) by Trish Kristoffersen, 5 designs all in worsted weight yarn.

ASN1225 HEIRLOOM BABY AFGHANS ($6.95) by Ann Kirtley, 5 one-piece baby blankets in solid colors with unusual borders, all in sport weight yarns.

ASN1227 MILE-A-MINUTE DISHCLOTHS ($4.95) by Jean Leinhauser, 12 designs, all in worsted weight cotton.

ASN1228 101 STITCHES FOR AFGHANS ($16.95) Patterns for 101 different stitches that can be used for afghans and other projects, all samples were made in worsted weight yarn.

ASN1229 WARM AND COZY AFGHANS ($6.95) by Sandy Scoville, 6 one-piece designs, all made with bulky weight yarns.

ASN1230 CHENILLE PURSES ($6.95) by Judi Alweil, clutch, belt bag, drawstring, pouch, backpack, sling, total of 10 designs made in worsted weight chenille yarn.

ASN1231 101 MOTIFS FOR THREAD CROCHET ($16.95) Squares, circles, hexagons, from less than 2" to over 7"; they can be used for anything from coasters to bedspreads when joined.

ASN1232 FASHION DOLL SHOWSTOPPERS ($6.95) by Gisell, fancy gown for 11-1/2" dolls, with lots of embellishments such as feathers, flowers, shown made in worsted weight chenille.

ASN1233 AFGHAN TREASURES ($6.95) by Ann Kirtley, 5 one-piece designs with unusual fancy borders, all in worsted weight yarn.

ASN1234 FASHION DOLL TOILET TISSUE COVERS ($4.95) by Jean Leinhauser,6 designs for dresses, all in worsted weight yarn.

ASN1235 FASHION DOLL ANGELS ($6.95) by Jane Espinoza, each angel hasa slip, skirt, surplice (capelet), wings, and a halo, all made in bedspread weight cotton.

ASN1237 101 RIPPLE STITCHES ($16.95) by Jean Leinhauser, 60 of theseare crochet, with the remaining 41 knit; some are very unusual, all shown in worsted weight yarn.

ASN1238 TWO DOZEN AND ONE SCRUNCHIES ($4.95) 25 designs using yarns,cotton threads, and ribbon, some with beads, to create hair pieces.

ASN1239 A DOZEN DOUBLE-QUICK DISHCLOTHS ($4.95) most have a "granny square" look, all use at least 2 colors, made in worsted weight cotton.

ASN1240 A DOZEN RAPID-RIPPLE DISHCLOTHS ($4.95) by Mary Ann Frits, 12 designs using ripple stitches, all made in worsted weight cotton.

ASN1242 LEARN TO DO SYMBOL CROCHET in Just One Day ($7.50) by Jean Leinhauser. This is a really wonderful book, even if you already know how to follow charted crochet patterns. In addition to all 6 patterns in the book being charted, each is accompanied by the written instructions, to help the crocheter who is just learning the symbols. The glossary of basic stitches includes the symbol, translations in 5 languages including the U.K. names, pictures of the stitches, conversion charts (although we already know that all size 7 hooks are not created alike, don't we?). The designs themselves are by Lucille LaFlamme and JoAnn Maxwell. The oval pineapple is great and starts off with loops to work into rather thanchains. All done in bedspread weight cotton.

ASN1245 AFGHANS TO GIVE ($6.95) by Kathy Wesley. These afghans were given names such as "For Nephew Bryan", so I'll just try to describe them ratherthan name them! Strip Afghan in which the strips have blocks of color, One Piece in 3 colors with fancy crossed stitching, Mile-a-Minute with unusual shell pattern and lots of color changes, Ripple in shell pattern, Flower Blocks that are joined on last row, Diagonal Motifs in 2 colors plus a background of off white joined on the diagonal. All in worsted weight yarn.

ASN1246 A DOZEN BABY BIBS ($4.95) by Jean Leinhauser & Kathy Wesley. Very nice selection of designs, all with hook-and-loop fastener (such asVelcro). Buttercup Baby, Happy Clown, Little Boy Blue, Granny's Pet, Bright Rainbow, Flower Girl, Junior's Jeans, Dinnertime Tux, Pink Parfait, Little Sweetheart, Watermelon Treat, and Baby's First Christmas. All in worsted weight cotton yarn.

ASN1247 FOR THE BEST-DRESSED BABY ($4.95) by Alice Hyche. Three baby sets; Babykins Bunting and Afghan, Cutie Pie Layette includes sweater, bonnet, booties, and afghan, Little Cherub Layette includes sweater, bonnet, booties, and afghan. The bunting is very tailored looking (not frilly), the Cutie Pie set is not too frilly for a boy with the right colors, and the Little Cherub is definitely feminine with its little crocheted roses. All in baby weight yarn.

ASN1248 FOR THE KITCHEN ($6.50) by Kelly Robinson & Sandy Scoville. "RosyDays" collection includes: an apron, glass cozy, dishcloth, napkin ring, potholder, towel topper, and placemat. The "Sunshine Daisies" collection includes: apron, coaster, glass cozy, dishcloth, napkin ring, placemat, potholder, rug, and towel topper. Great ideas for gift-giving! All in worsted weight cotton yarn.

ASN1251 TRENDSETTING TOTES ($6.95) by Jean Leinhauser, Becky Stevens, and Kathy Wesley. There are 8 different designs - a mini duffel, several slings, totes, etc. This is one that is not that easy to describe, but for those of you that want to do the bags, this is a great book. All in worsted weight cotton yarn.

ASN1252 SOAP SACHETS ($5.95) by Nanette Seale. These are absolutely adorable, and I can think of a myriad of other uses for them - potpourri pouches, purses, etc. The largest is around 6" tall, mostly rectangles but some circles, and most with appliques: cherry spray, daffodil, daisy ,curliques, heart, butterfly, rose, and rosebud. All in bedspread weight cotton.

ASN1255 THE ULTIMATE BOOK OF BABY AFGHANS ($12.95) 6 knit blankets and 16crocheted afghans. Lots of variety in these patterns; one of my favoritesis done in blocks with a puff stitch kitty in each block. Some areone-piece, in a single color or several colors, and some are in squares,mostly in several colors. Uses baby, sport, and worsted weight yarns.

ASN1257 DRESSES TO CROCHET FOR DOLLY AND ME ($7.95) by Delsie Rhoades.Four sets of matching little girls' dresses in sizes 2, 4, and 6, with matching dresses for 18" dolls, all with matching hats, purses, and sock trims! The dresses are waisted with cap sleeves and a bottom ruffle -Strawberries & Cream, Anchors Aweigh, Tea Time, and Pretty as a Picture . They all use a basic pattern, and all use Lustersheen, described as "sport weight yarn with a cotton look and a cable twist".

ASN1259  CREATIVE BOOKMARKS ($5.95) by Jo Ann Maxwell.  14 designs, allmade with bedspread weight cotton and trimmed with sequins, buttons,ribbon, etc. There are: a traditional cross, Bonnie Bunny (with carrots for a tassel), Butterfly Dazzle, Button Up (4 round motifs with button centers), Friendly Flower, Heart to Heart, Helpful House (with a bone tassel), Kindly Kitten, Loving Angel, Precious Pineapple, Moonbeam (with ribbon), Promise of Love, Rainbow's Edge, and Tender Trio (3 larger circles with sequin centers).

ASN1260  ORCHARD URCHINS ($5.95) by Jean Leinhauser & Kelly Robinson.  11designs to fit the 6-3/4" Cindy Dolls; they're all dressed up in cute little flowery outfits!  All in worsted weight yarn.

ASN1261  CROCHET BLESSINGS ($7.95) by Delsie Rhoades.  14 designs with religious themes: Cross Edging, Grape Edging, Fish Edging, Lamb Edging, Dove Edging, Divine Doily (crosses in the design), Points of Faith TableRunner (crosses worked into the points), Elegant Bible Book Cover, GloriousCross Bible Book Cover, Holy Spirit Bookmark (with a dove on the end), Prayer Time Pineapple Bookmark (with a cross on the end), Shamrock Cross Bookmark, Daily Devotional Bookmark, and Dainty Cross Bookmark.  All in bedspread weight cotton.

ASN1263  DESIGNER SWEATERS TO CROCHET ($5.95) Romantic Times is ashort-sleeved pullover with rose accents, Chanel Inspiration looks like aChanel jacket, Sparkling Ripples is a long sleeved buttonless front jacket, Chenille Beauty is a short sleeved pullover with bow trims, and Diamond Darling is a long sleeved pullover using sport weight yarn; all others are in worsted weight yarns.  All in sizes small (30"-32"), medium (34"-36"),and large (38"-40").

ASN1264  CROCHET A DOZEN HATS ($5.95) by Nancy Brown. 12 patterns for "in"hats - Basic Beret, Berry Beret (with crochet trim), Plum Fantastic ("mob"cap), Bowl Me Over Bowler, Fashion Fedora, Chenille Cloche, Chrysanthemum Cloche (flower trim), Pink Persuasion (brim and flower trim), Touch of Garbo, Sassy Hat (very 70s), Tweedy Pillbox, Warm Me Up, and Catch-a-Sailor Pea Cap.  In worsted and bulky weight yarns.

ASN 1266 OUR FAVORITE DOILIES Vol. 1 ($5.95) by Delsie Rhoades. All six of these doilies, four round and two heart-shaped, have little ruffles around the outer edge, and three of the round ones have an inner row of ruffles! The hearts are 10-1/2" by 10" and 17-1/2" by 18", and the round doilies range from 16-1/2" to 22" in size. All are made with bedspread weight cotton, size 10.

ASN1269 CHENILLE THROWS ($5.95) Five crocheted afghan patterns and two knit patterns, all shown in Lion Brand "Thick and Chunky" chenille. Ruby Richness is worked in sc in back loops, Moss-Green Dream is worked with post stitches in two colors, Tranquil Shells is shell stitch in two colors, Alabaster Beauty is a basketweave using post stitches, Plush Ripples is a ripple in three colors. The knit patterns are Gentle Waves, a ripple in three colors, and Velvety Blue, done in knit stitch only. Includes some special instructions on working with chenille.

ASN1270 HOMESPUN AFGHANS ($7.95). Eight designs shown in Lion Brand Homespun yarn. Seven of them are crocheted and one is knitted. One is squares, two are hexagons, one is a solid color basketweave, and three are one-piece. The knit pattern is a ripple.

ASN1271 PRETTY POCKET PURSES ($5.95) by Kelly Robinson. Nine tiny little "special occasion" purses that look very vintage. All use the small victorian purse clasps, many with chains. Several of them have embellishments, such as ribbon, beads, and coin charms. Made in chenille and worsted yarns, and bedspread weight cotton, size 10.

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