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These are all of American School of Needlework's titles that are currently in print.

American School of Needlework leaflets ASN1072 through ASN11199

ASN5101  FIRST STEPS IN CROCHET ($3.50) by Mary Thomas.  Good basic crochet instruction leaflet with clear line drawings.  Ten pages of "how to's" from holding the hook and yarn to fringes.  Patterns included are: Granny Afghan, Granny Square Potholder, Quick 'n Easy Purse, Kitty Kat Pillow (small granny squares), Bathroom Set (tissue box cover, towel rings, and Tissue Roll Holder), all in worsted weight yarn.

ASN1035  FAVORITE CROCHETED TABLECLOTHS OF RITA WEISS ($4.95) Six vintage patterns, rewritten for the modern crocheter, are here: Water Lily (square or oblong) round motifs with a fill-in motif; Glistening Galaxy square motifs; Lattice Garden square motifs; Double Wedding Ring (round or oval) a real beauty designed by Mary Thomas; Irish Lace squares with lots of picots; and Snow Fantasy also squares.  All in bedspread weight cotton, but since these are all made with motifs you can change size of thread and finished size of tablecloth

ASN1039  FAVORITE BEDSPREADS OF RITA WEISS ($4.95)  Six vintage patterns, rewritten for the modern crocheter: Spider Wheel, round but "squares off" when joined to other motifs; Rose Filet, panels of filet roses; Dutch Mill, square motifs; Pretty Pineapple, squares; Irish Roses, squares with a rose in the center; and Williamsburg, squares that look like a octagon with joined.  All made with bedspread weight cotton, but other weights of cotton can be used. 

ASN1054 AFGHANS TO CROCHET ($3.95), Barbara Hunter and Eleanor Denner.    Roman Stripes, stripes in one piece; Desert Stripes, one piece with wide bands of color; Midshipman, easy and quick one-piece with bands of color; Autumn Leaves, lacy one-piece in one color; Roses in the Snow; hexagons with rose in the center; Northern Lights, one-piece with long sc stitches; Corn on the Cob, one piece in one color; Dusty Rose Shells, one piece in one color; Bright Shells, one piece with bands of color; and Pastel Rainbow, band of color in puff stitch on a one-piece afghan.  All in worsted weight yarn.

ASN1057  CHRISTMAS ANGELS IN CROCHET THREAD($4.00)  Nine sweet thread crochet angels, either 6" or 9".  All have a cape-style bodice, arms, and thread hair, very detailed!  All made in bedspread weight cotton.

ASN1072 ALL-TIME FAVORITE AFGHANS ($4.00) by Jean Leinhauser, SummerRose Shell, Just Peachy Granny, Mile-a-Minute Quickie, Sky Blue Rose Ripple, plus 3 to knit, all in worsted weight yarn.

ASN1077  BRIDAL THREAD CROCHET ($4.95)  by Linda Hammonds.  The patterns include: lover's knot bridesmaid's hat, lover's knot bridal headband, blossom headpiece, lover's knit bridesmaid's basket, lover's knot flower girl's basket, keepsake Bible cover with bookmark, bridal heart pillow, lover's knit fingerless gloves, child's lover's knot fingerless gloves, lover's knot garter, wedding bell decoration .  All in bedspread weight (size 10) cotton.

ASN1079 NEW PINEAPPLE TREASURY ($4.50) Double Delight Pineapple Bedspread (Sqs. w/sm. rose), Pineapple Pouf Doily (sq.), Pineapples on Parade Centerpiece (oval), Pineapple Merry-Go-Round Doily, Lovely Lisa's Pineapple Tablecloth (sqs.), all in bedspread weight (size 10) thread.

ASN1088  CHRISTMAS ROMANCE ORNAMENTS ($4.95) by Ismay Bullock.  Twelve small 3-dimensional ornaments stiffened on balloons.  Detailed directions for using the balloons are included.  Lots of nice shapes: star, round, saturn, fish (yes!), pineapple drop, hexagon, etc.  All made with bedspread weight (size 10) cotton thread.

ASN1094  TABLE TOPPERS IN THREAD CROCHET ($4.50) by Sandy Scoville.  Updated version of vintage patterns: Garden Party (28"), Princess (24"), Pineapple Garden (25"), Hydrangea (24"), Pineapple Tea Party (18" x 29" oval).  All made with bedspread weight (size 10) cotton.

ASN1101  THREAD CROCHET BELLS ($4.95) by Faye Shelton.  A dozen bells ranging in size from 1-1/2" to 3-1/4".  Some have loops at the top and instructions are given to substitute painted wooden Shaker pegs for handles!  All made with bedspread weight (size 10) crochet cotton.

ASN1102  EASTER EGGS ($4.95) by Ismay Bullock.  Large basket (no size given but the inside of the basket is 6" across), small nut cup, panorama Easter egg (comes apart) and 6 small lacy eggs.  All made with bedspread weight (size 10) crochet cotton.

ASN1106  RED, WHITE & BLUE AFGHANS ($4.95) by Mary Ann Frits, Sandy Scoville, and Kathy Wesley.  Stars and Stripes flag afghan in puff stitches with stars made separately and sewn on; American Ripple, one piece; 4th of July Fireworks, "flower" squares; Sea to Sea - Blue Plaid, one piece in plaid pattern; and Patriotic Stripes, v-stitch with bobbles.  All in worsted weight yarn.

ASN1107 MILE-A-MINUTE AFGHANS ($4.50) by Kathy Wesley, Garden Path, Green Meadow, Ribbons and Bows, Peonies, Cotton Puffs, Rose Garden, all in worsted weight yarn.

ASN1111 BATHROOM TISSUE DOLLS ($4.50) by Jean Leinhauser.  6 lacy yarn dresses for 8" pillow dolls (you can substitute 13" doll with legs removed) to cover your spare roll of bathroom tissue.  All in worsted weight yarn.

ASN1112  THREAD CROCHET TEDDY BEAR WARDROBE ($4.50) by Miriam Dow.  Bridal bear (skirt, collar, and headpiece);  groom bear (shirt, hat, and shirt front); ballerina bear (tutu, headpiece, and shoulder ruffles), gentleman bear (pineapple scarf), bear brummel (jabot); sleepy time bear (nightdress); and garden party bear (jacket, hat, and parasol).  All are shown for size 8", 10", and 12" bears!  All made in bedspread weight (size 10) crochet cotton.

ASN1113  THREAD CROCHET WHIMSIES ($4.50) by Kathy Wesley. 9 crochet accessories for the home: bird cage (6" tall), basket (8" long), shoe (4" long), hat (7"), heart basket (5-1/2" x 5-1/2" x 2" high), cup and saucer (6" across), heart picture frame (6"), small wall vase (6"), and doily wall hanging (10" cone shape).  All made with bedspread weight (size 10) cotton.

ASN1114  A GARDEN OF BABY AFGHANS (K&C) ($4.95) by Sandy Scoville.  6 sweet afghans:  How Does Your Garden Grow?, lacy and solid stripes in alternating colors; Watermelon, basic ripple with watermelon colors on white; Cauliflower, one-piece lace pattern in solid color; Granny's Cabbages, square motifs with "cabbage" (rose) motifs added to corners; Celery, KNIT solid color in one piece; Strawberry Patch KNIT one-piece with a motif look.  All made in worsted weight yarn.

ASN1128  HOLIDAY HOLDERS ($4.95) by Kathy Wesley.  Shaped thread ornaments, etc., that can hold things!  Yuletide Holder (looks like a log holder), Happy Holly Vase (cone shape), Little Drummer's Drum (open at top), Festive Lacy Basket with ruffle, Jingle Bell Sleigh (about 5" long with open top), Sparkling Snowflakes (motifs together form box), Glad Tidings (rectangular box with open top about 4" long), Elf-size Stocking,  and Petite Stocking.  All made with bedspread weight (size 10) cotton.

ASN1133 BATHROOM TISSUE DOLLS ($4.95) by Jackie Kelly Mooneyham, 6 patterns to cover the spare roll of toilet tissue, using the 7-1/2" half-doll on a pick, all made in bedspread weight cotton.

ASN1146 LEARN TO CROCHET IN JUST ONE DAY (Right Handed Version) ($6.50) by Jean Leinhauser, 22 pages of basic instructions with clear drawings, plus vest, afghans, doll dress, potholders, and granny baby set, in worsted and sport weight yarns.

ASN1147 LEARN TO CROCHET IN JUST ONE DAY (Left Handed Version) ($6.50) Same as #1146, but with pictures and instructions for the left-handed crocheter.

ASN1150 FILET CROCHET BOOKMARKS ($4.95) by Sharon Compton, Heart of My Heart, Butterflies, Cross My Heart, Floral Vine, Four Leaf Hearts, Elegant Cross, Heart to Heart, Kittens, Rosebud, Little Bears, Hearts Entwined, and Letter by Letter (monogram, alphabet included), all in size 20 crochet cotton.

ASN1151 ROMANTIC TABLE TOPPERS ($4.95) by Linda Mershon, Springtime (filet butterflies and roses), Filet and Shells, and Starburst, 32" to 40", all in bedspread weight cotton.

ASN1153 CHAIR SETS ($4.95) by Yalanda Wiese, 3 designs for chairbacks and armpieces - Small Gems (rectangle and squares), Pineapple (3 pineapples on back and 1 on armpiece), and Pineapple Spray, all in bedspread weight cotton.

ASN1158 ELEGANT DOILIES ($4.95) by Jo Ann Maxwell, Brilliance,Picturesque, Splendor, Ravishing, and Diamonds, lots of picots and lover's knots in these, from 10" to 19", all in bedspread weight cotton.

ASN1166 ONE-PIECE AFGHANS ($4.95) by Sandy Scoville, Peach Shells,Country Ripple, Blue Bobbles, Country Shells, and a knit design, all in worsted weight yarn.

ASN1167 COUNTRY WESTERN DOLLS ($4.95) by Sandy Scoville, Dolly,Tanya, Crystal, Reba, and Barbara, outfits for the 13" doll, all in worsted weight yarn.

ASN1169 TABLE RUNNERS ($4.95) by Jo Ann Maxwell, 4 designs forrunners with motifs, and 1 design in one-piece, all in bedspread weight cotton.

ASN1172 GARDEN PARTY DOLLS ($4.95) by Kathy Wesley, 5 designs for the13" doll, all in worsted weight yarn".

ASN1174 LACE VESTS ($4.95) by Mary Ann Frits Creme de la Creme,Caramels and Cream, Vanilla Swirls, and Cafe au Lait (long-length), all inLustersheen, a sport weight yarn.

ASN1175 AFGHANS FROM THE HEART ($4.95) by Linda Mershon, Warm Hearts,Violets and Lace, Symphony in Blue, Memory Lane, and Ivy, all in worsted weight yarn.

ASN1181 VARIEGATED AFGHANS ($4.95) by Sandy Scoville, 6 designs for strip and one-piece afghans, all using variegated and solid yarns, all in worsted weight yarn.

ASN1183 SWEET SCENT DOLLS ($4.95) by Kathy Wesley, 6 designs for 5-3/4" air freshener dolls, all in worsted weight yarns.

ASN1185 THE ULTIMATE DOILY BOOK ($8.95) 17 doily designs by Lucille LaFlamme, Jo Ann Maxwell, Linda Mershon, Kathy Wigington, and Yalanda Wiese, all in bedspread weight cotton.

ASN1186 COMPLETE GUIDE TO THREAD CROCHET ($6.50) 23 pages of instruction on thread crochet, plus patterns for edgings, snowflakes,doilies, and a pineapple motif for tablecloth or bedspread, all in bedspread weight cotton.

ASN1188  THE ULTIMATE RIPPLE AFGHAN BOOK ($8.95)  25 designs (4 of whichare knitted), with lots of variety.  Although a couple of these have square insertions, basically they are all one-piece designs.  All in worsted weight yarn.

ASN1190 SWEET AFGHANS ($4.95) by Jo Ann Maxwell. Five designs for very feminine afghans: Sweetheart has heart-shaped motifs set together in a staggered pattern so they fit together, Floral Essence has flower motifs alternating with lacy motifs, Confection's motifs have colored round centers with very lacy white edging and a small motif at the corners, Harmony is 2 colors in very lacy strips, and Vintage Love is filet squares and a very fancy border. All patterns except Vintage Love are "join as you go", and all are made with worsted weight yarn. View of front cover -- View of back cover

ASN1197 HOLIDAY EXPRESS ($4.95) by Lorie Stark, Locomotive, Coal Car, Christmas Tree Car, Tanker Car, Caboose, plus 2 more, all in bedspread weight cotton.

ASN1198 AFGHAN BOUQUET ($4.95) by Linda Mershon, Daisies in the Garden, Floral Wreath, Floral Panels, Roses in Lace, Cornflowers, and Two-Square, all in worsted weight yarn.

ASN1199 AFGHANS FOR KIDS ($4.95) Buttons and Bows, Cats in the Corner,and Soccer Balls are motif, Teddy Bear is filet with color changes, and Jelly Beans is ripple, all in worsted weight yarn.

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