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(suggested retail $15.95)
40 motifs to crochet in many shapes: squares, triangles, circles, octagons, etc. Then there are patterns for items using these motifs: doilies, sachets, cushions, collars, coasters, and a lovely capelet. Plus there are symbol crochet basics and a tutorial on joining motifs. All shown in size 30 and 40 cotton thread using symbol crochet charts, but easily made using heavier threads or even yarns.


(suggested retail $15.95)
36 designs using a favorite with many crocheters, the pineapple! There are 5 tablecloths, 2 runners, 10 doilies, 3 cushions, 2 piano covers, 1 piano stool cover, 3 edgings, 5 coasters, 2 dresser mats, 2 bed covers, and 1 curtain set. All patterns use symbol crochet charts. Most are shown in size 40 cotton thread, except for 1 bed cover in size 10, but any size thread can be used if finished size is not important.


(Suggested retail $19.95)

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Written by Yoko Suzuki, a designer who shows up often in Magic Crochet and Decorative Crochet magazines! First off, there is a 48 page crochet tutorial in the center of the book, from the very basics to Irish crochet and Bruges lace techniques. Patterns are included for 16 doilies, 4 luncheon mats and coasters, 1 round tablecloth, 1 piano cover, 1 bedspread, 2 collars, 9 bags and pouches, and 2 pillows, all using symbol crochet charts. Most are shown using size 40 cotton thread but some use heavier threads; of course any size thread can be used if size is not important.

The shawls here refer to baby shawls or blankets. This 48-page digest size booklet has 19 pages of "crochet know how" instructions and patterns for 10 different granny-type squares, with instructions for assembling them into baby blankets. Patterns have written instructions plus symbol crochet charts. Patterns use a 3.5 mm hook and 3 ply yarn, but any yarn and appropriate hook size can be substituted.

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