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Leisure Arts and Oxmoor House Special Editions Leaflets
OH108203 A YEAR OF AFGHANS BOOK 2 ($14.95) Another big book of afghan patterns, 52 in all! Rustic Log Cabin, Garnet Fans, Snowball Blanket, Granny's Mums, Victorian Gem, Pretty Pillowghan, Valentine Wrap, Chains of Hearts, Four-Leaf Clover, Mile-a-Minute Blues, Earth Awakens, Easter Eggs, Sweet Rainbow, Lacy Lullaby, Timeless, Tulips, Spring Splendor, Pretty Pattern, Dancing Daffodils, Light and Lacy, Old Time Charm, Lilac Garden, Elegance for Mother, Dreamy Shells, United in Love, Dad's Comfy Wrap, Rock-a-Bye Roses, Rosy Trellis, American Ripple, Star-Spangled Salute, Summer Sunrise, Seashell Baskets, Baby's Choice, Ocean Waves, Rippling Effects, Shells in a Net, Busy Lizzies, Primary Rainbow, Granny Stripes, Brown-Eyed Susans, Bandanna Blocks, Radiant Mums, Blue Ribbon Winner, Bow Ties, Forest Dream, Handsome Ripple, Falling Leaves, Indian Summer, Appealing Pineapples, Buffalo Plaid, Christmas Eve, Snow Crystal, and Decked with Holly. All use either sport or worsted weight yarns.
OH108204 HOME SWEET HOME AFGHANS ($14.95) Another in the series of large afghan books; most of the patterns in this book are from previous Leisure Arts leaflets. Floral Daydream, Pretty Posies, Sunflower Festival, Country Garden, Pansy Romance, Primrose Path, Wildflower Bouquets, Dogwood Blossoms, Rosy Lullaby, Spring Garden, Ring Around the Roses, Delightful Daffodils, In Love with Lace, Chain of Hearts, Peek-a-Boo Hearts, Patchwork Hearts, Sweetheart Baby Wrap, Country at Heart, Baby's Pretty Pillowghan, Glowing Embers, Crisscross Cover-up, Hearthside Ridges, Timeless Tracks, Relaxing Ripple, Cozy Clusters, Patchwork Quilt, Teal Tapestry, Striking Stripes, Woodland Warmer, Blue & White China, Summer Lace, Granny's Rose Garden, Parlor Fans, Honeycomb Flower Patch, Old-Fashioned Roses, Lickety-Split Log Cabin, Patchwork Memories, Airy Heirloom, Queen's Trellis, Nostalgic Ripple, Baby-Soft Wrap, Nine-Patch Spools, Rambling Rose, Wintry Fans, Sweetheart Plaid, Shamrock Ripple, Easter Granny, American Fireworks, Bewitching Halloween Wrap, and Yuletide Throw.
OH108205 HERRSCHNERS BLUE-RIBBON AFGHANS ($14.95) A total of 48 patterns, 5 of which are knit. Listed are the crochet patterns. 13 are rated "beginner", 25 are rated "intermediate", and 5 are rated "advanced". Garden Rows, Groovy Granny, Sandy Shells, Country Quilt, Blue Star, Pinwheel, Memory Star, Textured Sampler, Pink Diamonds, Bluebirds and Bluebells, Floral Fantasy, Mum's the Word, Purple Starbursts, Artful Aztec, Irish Trellis, Scalloped Ripple, Paisley Perfection, Afghan-Stitch Aran, Diamonds and Rings, rippling Shells, Bargello Beauty, Christmas Celebration, Borderline, Lattice, Bright Ribbons, Cheyenne Chevron, Pretty in Pink, Hummingbirds, Tumbling Blocks, Cowboy Blues, Stained Glass, Heavenly Love, Giraffes, White Shells, Tweed Stripes, Pink and Blue, Color Block, Tic-Tac-Toe, Filet Hearts, Sherbet Stripes, Puffed Shells, Rainbow Ripple, and Puffed Stripes. Uses worsted or sport weight yarns.
OH108206 A YEAR OF AFGHANS BOOK 3 ($14.95) Some of these are from previous Leisure Arts publications, but here is the complete list: Buffalo Check, Delightful Medley, Casual Comfort, Nostalgic Ripple, Simply Kitty, Victorian Lace, Sweetheart Blanket, Cupid's Dream, Heartwarming Fans, Climbing Roses, Lacy Charm, Baby's Circle of Love, Rock-a-Bye Plaid, Emerald Isle Medley, Granny's Lilacs, Rainbow Ripple, Curly Cutie, Romantic Diamonds, Spring Pansies, Angels in the Clouds, Garden Stroll, Tranquil Granny, "Puff-Fection!", Floral Sampler, Summer Symphony, Restful Wrap, Absolutely Gorgeous, Circle of Roses, Ebb and Flow, Liberty, Cheery Garden, Summer Sherbet, Natural Stripes, Soothing Waves, Freedom Day, Cozy Ripple, Fruited Plains, Country Pleasures, Western Ambience, Grandeur, Bricks of Color, Regal Tones, Brilliant Ripples, Signs of Fall, Spiderweb, Autumn Splendour, Quiet Moments, Tumbleweed, Yuletide Blocks, Christmas Dazzle, Fit for a King, and Snowflakes. Uses worsted weight yarns.
OH108207 VANNA'S FAVORITE GIFT AFGHANS ($14.95) Another big book of afghans, 45 in all, plus several "matching" accessories:
Interlaced Links - mile-a-minute in 2 colors
Loving Hearts - motifs with motif heart edging in 1 color. Welcome Pineapple - panels of the old pineapple motif in 1 color. Bed of Roses - large rose squares that are join-as-you-go. Birthstone Wrap - one piece with post stitches and cables in 1 color. Kitty Cat Clusters - squares have cat silhouette made with cluster stitch. Mountain Trails - ripple variation in 2 colors. Magnolia - granny squares with lacy edges. Attic Windows - quilt look with a chenille texture. Lacy Mile-a-Minute - strips with lacy centers and shell edgings. Angelic Blossoms - granny squares with rose center plus angel doll. Violets in Bloom - sc squares with embroidered violet bouquets. Bears Paw - small granny squares form quilt pattern. Track and Field - Mile-a-Minute in 2 school colors. Waterfall Ripple - ripple variation in shaded colors. Pretty Pansies - plain and pansy motifs in nice arrangement. Reversible Plaid - stadium blanket in plaid plus mitten pattern. Sweet Dreams - baby blanket in one color. Classic Argyle - panels of argyle pattern, in sc. Sunny Sunflowers - squares with sunflower centers. Cozy Lap Robe - sc with long stitches, in 2 colors. Cherub Filet - one piece with cherub picture worked in filet. Racing Stripes - stripes worked on crocheted base, interesting technique. Double Wedding Ring - different shape motifs create quilt look. Tender Embrace - sc and cluster st in 2 colors create raised heart design on one-piece crochet. Cuddly Ripple - open look ripple in 4 colors, plus great bear pattern. Soft Mile-a-Minute - strips with cluster stitch centers, in 2 colors. Rich Diamonds - diamond shape motifs, very masculine. Baby Yo-Yo Pillowghan - tiny motifs joined to make large squares which can be folded up into a pillow. Graceful Fans - one piece with lace edging, in one color. Elegant Clusters - one piece in cluster stitch, in one color. Heart Silhouettes - squares in filet create a heart pattern. Moroccan Tile - large squares in 6 colors, plus pillow to match. Rose Glow - one piece in stripe pattern, in 3 shades of 1 color. Little Boy Blue - baby mile-a-minute, strips are join-as-you-go. Victorian Granny - basic granny pattern with nice color combo. Plush Comfort - pretty panels, worked with double strand of yarn. Country Checks - one piece in checkered pattern, plus apple pillow. Stylish Stripes - one piece with nice dense patterned stripes. Romantic Cover-Up - plain center with band around it saying "Roses are red...., etc.", then band around that with appliqued crochet flowers Emerald Isle - motifs in 3 colors with a shamrock look. Granny's Dogwood - large motifs with a flower center. Patriotic Colors - long stitch rows in 4 colors. Festive Stripes - one piece stripe variation, plus elf doll. Christmas Snowflakes - hexagon motifs in Christmas colors. Most of these afghans use worsted weight yarn with the exception of a few baby blankets that use sport weight yarn
OH108209 A YEAR OF AFGHANS BOOKS 4 ($14.95) Another good collection of afghan patterns for the crocheter who doesn't have a large collection of afghan leaflet, but for those of us who have them from way back this collection is mostly repeats from other Leisure Arts leaflets. Included are 52 patterns: Scrap-Basket Kaleidoscope, Snowy Day, Country Pines, Nostalgic Granny, Rose Petal Ripple, Sentimental Swirls, Victorian Elegance, Sweetheart Squares, Granny's Posy Patch, Emerald Trellis, Romantic Ribbons, Irish Patchwork, Spring Ripple, Lilac Bouquet, Vivacious Violets, Bunny Tales (sport yarn), Tulips in Bloom, Pastel Garden, Windowpan Posies, Mother's Treasure, Royal Vineyard, Ladylike Charm, Carefree Pleasures, Peaceful Garden, Sweet Dreams (sport yarn), Daisy Delight, Peaceful Promenade, American Heritage, Homegrown Goodness, All-American Stars, Buttercups and Blueberries, Paw Prints, Summer Ablaze, Blushing Seashells, Delicate Diamonds, Home on the Range, Country Ripple, Southwestern Stripes, Jewelled Diamonds, School Days Silhouettes, Fall Fancy, Brilliant Mums, Harvest Mist, Autumn Pops, Woodland Shadows, Country Casual, Serape Stripes, Handsome Medley, Holly and Ivy, Celestial Song, Christmas Eve, and Winter Warmth. All are worked in worsted weight yarn unless stated otherwise after individual pattern.
OH108210 MOSAIC MAGIC AFGHANS MADE EASY ($14.95) by Lily M. Chin. Mosaic crochet works with only one color on a row at a time; the "look" is achieved by "dropping" stitches to previous in different ways! There are a total of 46 projects, including more than 30 afghans and baby blankets, plus a ladies' hat and stole or scarf, a men's or women's vest (sizes 40"-59" chest sizes), a women's jacket (sizes 40"-61" chest sizes), a men's "Fair Isle" pullover (sizes 40-1/2"-62" chest), a rug and matching pillow, and a tea cozy with matching place mats. They use various sizes of yarn from sport weight to super chunky, but stitch multiples are given for each project and the designs are very geometrical so it would not be that difficult to change yarn weight! Each project gives the exact yarn and colors use for the project shown also.
OH108211 A YEAR OF AFGHANS BOOK 5 ($14.95) Another large collection of afghans (48 in all) that seems to be drawn from previous publications, with just a few new patterns unfortunately. A great collection for a new crocheter who wants to try different techniques.
OH108214 AFGHANS FOR ALL SEASONS book 2 ($16.95)
52 afghans previously featured in other Leisure Arts publications; I don't think any of these are new patterns but rather old and new patterns from other LA leaflets. I don't know that the names are the same as they were in the original issue, but I'll give a list of pattern names in case you are looking for a particular pattern: Gentle Raindrops, Vintage Lace, Tranquility, Glorious Lilacs, Souhtern Blossoms, Around the Block, Garden of Flowers, Bunny Love, Blue Delft, A Pretty Welcome, Story Time, Forget-Me-Not Bouquet, Nighty-Night Granny, Summer Mint, Sunrise Ripple, Patrotic Starburst, Summer Lace, Ocean Beauty, Ladybugs, Lovely Look, Rosebud, Diamond Ripple, Floral Comfort, Dainty Delight, Morning Glory, Dazzling Diamonds, Timeless Favorite, Honeycomb, Breezy Stripes, Golden Harvest, Toasty Earth Tones, Fall Portrait, Harvest Appeal, Radiant Ripples, Luxurious Wrap, Ablaze with Color, Dignified, Focal Point, Classic Aran, Frosty Windows, Cozy checks, Winter Abloom, Ski Lodge, Winter Warmer, Stunning Christmas Cover-Up, Bold Plaid, Dashing Throw, Evergreen, Chain of Hearts, Double Cozy, Twilight Snowflakes.

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