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Leisure Arts "Little Books"

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DISHCLOTHS BY THE DOZEN ($2.50) Eight crochet patterns and 4 knit patterns using a wide variety of techniques. Uses bedspread and worsted weight cottons.

RIPPLE AFGHANS TO CROCHET ($2.50) Starts off with an explanation, with illustrations, of the simplicity of the ripple pattern! The 6 designs in the leaflet include: Rainbow Ripple (pastels alternating with white), Peaceful Ripple (one color, alternating eyelet chevrons), Filet Ripples (open pattern in 3 colors), Luxurious Ripples (3 colors with columns of clusters added), Irresistible Ripples (clusters, shown in 3 shades of blue and ecru), and Rustic Ripple (worked with 2 strands of yarn in basic dc ripple). All are made with worsted weight yarn.

THREAD CROCHET BEGINNER'S GUIDE ($3.50) Nicely illustrated introduction to thread crochet, plus projects: bookmark, hair bow, sachet, insertion laces, coaster set, clothespin angel, doily, and lady's pullover in sizes small (35"), medium (42"), and large (49").

KNIT STITCHES AND EASY PROJECTS ($3.50) A good guide for the knitter who wants to try more stitches, the first 2 pages deal with determining gauge and pattern repeat. The 26 stitches are: Moss, Divided Boxes, Lace and Fans, Vertical Weave, Six Stitch Cable, Snowflakes, Cluster Rib, Trinity, Horseshoe Print, Diamond Lace, Saxon Braid, Ladder, Ribbed Cables, Wheatear, Twisted Cable, Cloverleaf, Goblets, Little Fountain, Little Shells, Five Stitch Cable, Tight Braid Cable, Polperro Northcott (I'll bet this one has a story behind it!), Waffle, Textured Stripes, Stockinette, and Zigzag Eyelet. Projects include: Basic Mitten (lots of sizes), Men's Muffler, Trinity Pillow, Cabled Pillow, Baby Afghan, Full Size Afghan (double-strand), and Cropped Cardigan (ladies' button front, round neck, sizes chest 40", 43" and 46-1/2"). All are made with worsted weight yarn.

SNUGGLETIME BABY AFGHANS ($3.50) Nice assortment of 5 crochet and 3 knit baby blankets, all (I think) previously published in Leisure Arts leaflets. To crochet: Baby Blue, Simply Shells, Rainbow Delight, Granny Delight, and Dreamy Hearts. To Knit: Precious, Sweetheart, and Marquise Diamond. Shown in baby and sport weight yarns.

CROCHET STITCHES & EASY PROJECTS BEGINNER'S GUIDE ($3.50) Nice assortment of 19 stitch patterns, plus 5 patterns: Cozy Neck Wrap, Cushy Rug, Classic Sweater Jacket, Show Off Baby Blanket, and Airy Diamonds Afghans. All in worsted weight yarns.

MILE-A-MINUTE AFGHANS TO CROCHET BEGINNER'S GUIDE ($2.50) Short tutorial on mile-a-minute afghans, plus 5 patterns: Blue Skies, Country Fair, Peach Orchard, Tasseled Ribbons, and Sculptured Squares. All in worsted weight yarn.

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