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by Vivian Floy Smith.
20 alphabets (one is very elaborate), plus Lord Bless and Keep Us, Home Sweet Home, Give Thanks, and lots of small motifs. In size 10 and size 20.

HC5437 FILET CROCHET CHARTS Book No. 3 ($9.95) 22 alphabets plus many individual charts of animals, florals, Christian symbols, borders, "Merry Christmas", "Welcome", etc. Several pages of basic instructions included.

by Vivian Floy Smith.
A thick booklet (62 pages) with lots of thread projects, and some things you don't usually find in other pattern leaflets: large heavy lettering, double spaces between rows of instructions, and 6 pages of instructions on the basics of crocheting geared toward using thread. The patterns include: 3 ruffled doilies, 2 name/initial doilies, 2 centerpiece doilies, and over 20 pages of filet crochet charts. The charts include alphabets, small pictures, borders, and several large charts: Sacred Heart (Christ's head with heart), Wheat and Roses runner, Apostle's Creed, Jesus Savior of Man (boat at sea), and a Unicorn.

by Vivian Floy Smith
New filet crochet patterns, including Four-Fans Name Doily, Table Top Name/Pillow Name Doily, Home Sweet Home Plaque, Swan Table Top Doily, and Welcome Wall Plaque, plus basic instructions for filet crochet. Uses sizes 10 and 20 crochet cotton.

by Vivian Floy Smith
Filet crochet patterns include: Teddy Bear Name Doily, Clown Wall Plaque (birth announcement), Duck Name Doily, Fish Name Doily, Welcome Baby Wall Plaque (with name and date), Baby Name Heart Doily, and Baby Name Train Doily. Includes basic filet crochet instructions. Uses size 10 and size 20 crochet cotton.

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CROCHET CRAFTS 2.1($9.95) A collection of vintage patterns from what looks like the 1910s through 1920s; they all use Clark's thread, so this would be before they merged with J&P Coats. Pictures are grainy from age but the charts and printing are excellent. Patterns include for babies and toddlers (no sizes are given):Tinkle, Tinkle Set (yoke, belt, and cap), Snowflake Cap and Lace Frill, Teddy Bear Carriage Robe, Sleepy Hollow Baby Blanket, Baby Bunting Slip on Sweater, Bye-Bye Outdoor Set (filet sweater & sash), May Day Outdoor Set (filet kimono & cap), Filet Baby Pillows (butterfly, bunny, duck), Baby Towels (edgings & insertions), Springtime Nightingale & Cap (cute filet poncho-type), Sweetheart Blouse & Cap (looks like a vest), Tiny Maid Coat (filet), Rosy Posy Cap, Snowball Yoke. For women there are: Butterfly Cap & Yoke, Rosalie Cap & Yoke, Fichu Edging, Motor Veil, Nighgown Case, Moss Rose Collar, assorted little bags, a filet alphabet and monograms, several yokes (Butterfly, Flower Girl, Venetian Gem, Mulberry, Rosebud, Minnehaha, Maid of the Orient, Combination Point, Sunshine & Shadow, Hearts & Roses, Mignonette, and Dorothy Perkins), plus household pieces such as a bedspread with medallion insertions, a tea cosy, egg cozy, etc. There are also some helpful hints on turning or mitering corners, joining crochet, whipping crochet to material, and a technique called invisible joining ("the unsightly ridges and seams resultant from sewing the edges together need no longer be seen"). All of these patterns use sizes 30 and thinner (mostly thinner); the largest thread I see used is size 3 pearl cotton for a blanket! Also, the patterns use the old stitch standard where a treble is the modern double. If I can find a conversion chart, I will include a copy in each leaflet!

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CROCHET CRAFTS 2.2 ($9.95) Another collection of vintage Clarks patterns from, I assume, the 1910s and 1920s. No children's patterns in this one, but lots of women's wear: Mermaid "Brassiere", Diamond Heart Yoke, Interlude Scarf with Pockets, Promenade Scarf with Pockets, Fuchsia Scarf (more what I would call a vest these days), Dorothy Manners Blouse & Bag, Rose in Bloom Overblouse & Bag, Fuchsia Dancing Scarf & Bag, Ma Cherie Dancing Scarf & Bag (love these bags!), Lily of the Valley Blouse, Beauty Rose Vestee with Collar & Bag, Arachne Collar & Cuffs, and Trinity Collar & Cuffs. And then lots of household items: Bridal Wreath Luncheon Set (this was in the other book too), Jewel Luncheon Set, Fleur de Lis designs, lot of edgings for linens, Himalayan Collar and Cuff Set, Mokomis Centerpiece, Netherland Centerpiece, Rose Luncheon Set, Grape Luncheon Cloth, and many other pieces to be used with linens. There's even a filet curtain with a basket of fruit at the bottom. Most patterns call for the finer crochet threads.

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