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Volume 1: Morning Dew doily, Shamrock doily, Painted Daisy doily, Sapphire tablecloth (motifs), Rose Trellis or Grape Trellis doily (12"x21"), Jiffy motif, Tropical Mist doily, Essence of Spring filet runner, Spangle Mat (motifs), and Bubbling Beauty tablecloth (motifs).
Volume 2: Place Mat, Little Gem doily, Bouquet doily (13"x21"), Precious doily, Autumn Leaf doily, Rose Centerpiece (36"), Fantasy doily (motifs), Sparkling Diamonds doily, Small but Dainty doily, and Shell and Filet chair set.
EH01 & EH02 - $3.00 each

Sorry, this volume is currently out of stock

Volume 4: Knot Stitch doily, Thistle Down or Rose doilies, Hearts & Flowers filet mat, Crochet Tatting motifs, Cross Bar centerpiece (with fabric center), Spider Web doily, Lacy Cluny doily, Ruffle or Double Ruffle doily, and several filet church cloth edgings.
Volume 5: Flower Circle doily, Filet and Shell doily, Vanity Ribbon doily (oval), Star Light motif, Sierra Star Beams doily, Filet Scarf, and Rose Spray vanity set.
EH04 & EH05 - $3.00 each


Volume 6: Pink Lace mat, Spider Fan doily, Wheel of Fortune motif, My Mountain Home (deer) filet chair set, Rose of Tralee doily, Charm motif, Sunshine and Shadow doily, First Love doily, Wild Rose oval, Pansy Set doilies (2 sizes), Square Doily, June Morning doily, Day Break doily, Eighteenth Century (dancing couple) filet chair set, Crystal doily, Variety Color Tricks doily, and Wedding Ring triangle motif.
Volume 11: Pineapple Delight doily, Bright and Gay motif, Pineapple Whirl doily, Rose Parade doily, Celestial Snow motif, Lazy Bones motif, Evening Star doily, Diamond Tiara doily, Desire oval, Pineapple Star centerpiece (36"), Scepter doily, Lacy Square motif, and 3 more unnamed motifs.
EH06 & EH11 - $5.00 each


Volume 14: Morning Star doily, TV Scarf filet runner, Baby Breath doily, Lacy Cluny Beauty motif, Glitter Doily (with or without beads), Everglades oval with filet center, For the Bride round tablecloth (a beauty!), Pop-Corn doily, Pine Apple doily, Daisy doily, Wild Rose filet runner, and Bird filet chair back (no arm pieces given).

Volume 15: If I counted correctly, there are 34 edging patterns here. Many of them are filet ecclesiastical edgings, plus some others, many of which show "cornering".
EH14 & EH15 - $5.00 each



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