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Design Originals is primarily known for their craft books, but they have a few crochet leaflets out, too.

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by Janice Beals.


SORRY, SOLD OUT!  But I found the designer on Etsy and she sells the pattern.  Look for this shop: PureandSimplyMe  

Turn your collection of buttons into stunning accessories! Patterns include: Rainbow of Buttons Necklace, Silver Button Watchband, Braided Silver Button Necklace, Silver Earrings, Burgundy Necklace of Many Strands, Burgundy Button Earrings, Purple Pastels Necklace, Pink 2-Strand Necklace, Pink Bracelet, Bright Buttons Watchband, Blue Earrings, Blue 3-Strand Choker, White Collage Pin, Brown Fans and Dangles Necklace, Gold Dangles Necklace, Red Rope Necklace, Tan and Blue Multi-Strand Necklace, Green Collage Pin, Shirt Button Rope Necklace, Pastel Buttons Necklace, Jingle Bell Earrings, Jingle Bell Necklace, Pearls and Hearts Rope Necklace, Black and White Loop Necklace, and a sweet little Pin Cushion Doll. Most are made with crochet techniques, but there are a few that are needle-and-thread. Crochet instructions and dyeing instructions are included. Crocheted necklaces use bedspread weight (size 10) crochet cotton.

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by Wilma Bonner.

Sorry, all gone!

Seven beautiful angels from ornament to centerpiece size: Dorothy Jean (5-3/4"), Krystal (14-1/2"), Lisby (7-1/2"), Erhetta (17"), Mary Elmeda (16"), Linda Hope (14"), and Phoebe Adeline (16"). The larger angels have styled hair, and there is a very good "Basic tips and instructions" section included. All are made with bedspread weight (size 10) crochet cotton.

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by Wilma Bonner.
A very nice collection of mostly 3-D ornaments: Large Rose Star, Dimensional Snowflake, Pineapple Egg, Small Butterfly, Cross of Roses, Bird Cage Ornament, Pineapple Star, Pineapple Cross, Pineapple Bell, Lace Fan, Small Rose Star, Pineapple Dove, Small Cross, Swirl Bell, Triple Point Star, Large Butterfly, Large Cross and Swirl Ball. All are made with bedspread weight (size 10) crochet cotton.

by Delsie Rhoades
At first glance you would wonder why they call this "Kitchen Crochet", because the cover shows 4 cloth bunnies in crocheted dresses. But read on! Flour Canister Bunny, Sugar Canister Bunny, Coffee Canister Bunny, Tea Canister Bunny, Towel Trim, Quart, Pint, and Jelly Jar Covers with rose trim, Rose Napkin Ring, Rose Towel, Rose Potholder, and Rose Placemat. All in size 5 pearl cotton thread.

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by Wilma Bonner.


A great collection of little crocheted buildings for your Christmas decorating or just for pleasure: Courthouse (8-3/4") School (8-1/2"), Church (10-3/4"), Mill (7"), Gazebo (6-1/2"), Townhouse (6"), Queen Anne Mansion (6-3/4"), Tree (4-1/2"), and Birdbath (2-5/8"). All are made with bedspread weight (size 10) crochet cotton.

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