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I carry DMC Cebelia, a premium quality crochet cotton, in sizes 10, 20, and 30 in all the colors listed below.  Cebelia is double mercerized for a lovely hand and sheen, and is tightly twisted to give a thread that durable and worthy of heirloom crocheting!


Well, DMC has done it again!  The suggested price has gone from $5.49 per ball to $5.99 per ball, and of course I wasn't notified of this so I have no idea when it happened.  That is a $.50 increase, and my wholesale has gone up $.25 per ball. So there will be a $.25 increase in the price of Cebelia starting next Monday.  This will give you time to send an order before the price increase; I will honor the order if it is POSTMARKED before 2-21-11.  Please note that I will not profit at all from the price increase!   I'm sorry, but my discount is so deep that I have to at least make up the difference!


THEN NEW PRICE IS NOW $3.80 PER BALL, up from $3.55 per ball. 

size 10 - 282 yards
size 20 - 405 yards
size 30 - 563 yards

Please note: Cebelia size #5 and size #40 have been discontinued.

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Cebelia Threads Color Chart
PLEASE NOTE: the color chart is old.  Only colors listed below are still available.  The newer colors are not shown on the chart, but they are listed below.

Cebelia color list with names:

5200 Bright White
210 Medium Lavender
223 Light Shell Pink
310 Black
437 Light Tan
524 Light Fern Green

603 Bright Pink - new color
666 Bright Christmas Red
699 Christmas Green
712 Cream
743 Medium Yellow
745 Light Pale Yellow
747 Very Light Sky Blue
754 Light peach Flesh

797 Royal Blue - new color
799 Medium Delft
800 Pale Delft
816 Garnet
818 Baby Pink
842 Coffee Cream - new color
955 Light Nile Green
992 Aquamarine
3033 Very Light Mocha Brown
3326 Light Rose

Note: these colors correspond to the DMC floss numbers, so if you need to know exactly what the colors look like (all browsers and monitors are not created equal!) you can check at any store that sells the DMC floss, even Wal-Mart.

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